furth Expected lineupM. Funk – Meyerhofer; M. Bauer; Viergever; Willems – Griesbeck; Christiansen – leweling; Tillman; Dudziak – Hrgota Trainerleitl reserve bankburchert; To stay; Barry; Hoogma; Waste; fine; Vegetable; Sarpeis; Seufert; Abia; Itten It lacksmountain green (was not considered); Jungo (Knee-UP); Sweep (cruciate ligament and menicus injury); Scratch (was not […]

Nonetheless with out a win: Branimir Hrgota scored two of solely 5 targets in Fürth up to now. Picture: image-images / Revierfoto The topper within the Bundesliga is subsequent Sunday: the report champion Bayern Munich performs with Bayer Leverkusen; which is tied for second place within the rating. But it […]