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TikTok. They create an alien remix of Mafe Walker

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During the month of June 2022, the name Mafe Walker became a trend in social networks after making his appearance on the morning show come the joy where he spoke in foreign languagea.

Mafe Walker (TikTok).
Mafe Walker (TikTok).

Of course, the reactions were immediate and the case began to go viral on all social networks, becoming a matter of controversy and much ridicule. But that does not end there, the native of Colombia has defined itself as “The connection between the galactic dimensions and the higher planes and the Earth”

This reached TikTok where users were in charge of uploading short videos referring to Mafe Walker, as is the case Chilean Savbeat versatile and producer who, through his profile on this social network, has shared a video where it creates a remix using the foreign language created by Mafe.

With the help of a guitar, keyboard and synthesizer, this musician took on the task of creating a rhythmic base. with the unfamiliar words Walker uses to communicate with the cosmos.

The video titled I love myself, I love you published on June 22, 2022, It already has almost a million views on TikTok and with hundreds of comments in which Internet users and fans of the musician praised the excellent work of the Chilean musician, arguing that he has created a new genre of music: alien funk.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best I’ve seen, so much so that it gave it great musical meaning.“either”Music from Another World » there are only a few readable comments.

Savbeat is a self – taught musician and performer who has explored various genres of music throughout his life, which have had a significant impact on the creation of his music, mixing sounds derived from hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, among others.