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TikTok and WhatsApp, Marcelo Ebrard’s “timely” political move

Mexico.— An candidate for the Mexican presidency le Brunette, Marcelo Ebrard, chose a spell in his public image. Not only is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now the center for the potential succession AMLObut he added his TikTok, WhatsApp and even stickers. A profile that surprises specialists, but which, they say, It gives you a boost over your main opponentlike Claudia Sheinbaum or Adán Augusto López.


The official shared his WhatsApp via social networks. It was a trend on Twitter, as some of them related to the start of his presidential campaign. “5515025360 my what to express. If they want to send a message, I will read them. Good week !! ”, was the Chancellor’s message.

Ruby Soriano, an expert on government and election campaign management, pointed out that adding an image to the politician on social networks is a good strategy, and at the same time, his abilities in more serious matters such as chancery are already known.

“It seems to me that this step you are taking is very significant in the course of the 2024 elections. If he did not do this, he was going to be a little behind. against what might be party opponents ”, he considered.

The specialist suggests that Marcelo is taking a step down so that he does not see himself as rigid as Chancellor, “so that we begin to view him as Marcelo the citizen, the applicant,” she said.

He later admitted that Marcelo faces a big challenge as it is not one of the favorites nor is it located What man completely left; however, it has a very ad hoc profile on the issue of digitization, the site in social networks and this will help, he said.

Azul A. Aguiar Aguilar, a research doctor in political science, quoted for Debate that Marcelo Ebrard could have positive things against Claudia. In fact, he recalled that technical votes are put in the polls.

“He is one of Claudia Sheinbaum’s most important rivals in his career. Not just because he was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but because of the trajectory he already had as head of government, as party leader, with Andrés Manuel, the PRD, ”he said.

However, the academic Iteso felt that she needed to work more systematically within Morena, as she felt that, unlike Ricardo Monreal and Claudia, she was seen as less involved with the party. .

“The work he has to do out there will be much harder. Above all because it is defined that they will be selected through a survey of militants ”, he explained.


As for Bernardo Méndez Lugo, a retired diplomat, it is clear that Marcelo Ebrard is one of the leaders of the government party and his allies and even the axis of the opposition would see him as the least favored choice by the presidential candidates from the ruling party and the business community, the middle class, independent intellectuals and many government critics.

“In the Mexican political landscape, he is the most solid and reliable presidential candidate, except for the radical wing of supporters of the president and his party,” he analyzed.



He shared his WhastApp number through his TikTok account, where he has 53,000 followers and more than 348,000 likes.


His stickers went viral on Twitter, which he sends via WhatsApp to those who contact him.


In this social network, where he has 370 thousand followers, he started sharing photos of his political struggle with AMLO.


Acknowledge your wishes

Last Sunday, with Morena’s militarism, in Jalisco, the federal official indicated, after participating in the Unity and Mobilization event to continue the Transformation, that there was a lot of speculation about whether the it was revealed. “It simply came to our notice then five o’clock in the morning.

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Then you can already consider me exposed. It’s not an occasion to say something we all know – Of course! (…) No longer covered ”, he launched. The next day he shared his phone number for WhatsApp and generated an effect on networks. Adán Agusto López, Secretary to the Government, did the same, but assured him that he would respond.

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