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“If you are not happy, leave it”, the employee gives up his style and goes viral

A employee He decided stop it to a worked since he was not comfortable and decided to business; Took out a champion to read.

Who has not considered resigning because they do not feel comfortable or think that they are wasting their lives and efforts?

Well this happened to a employee and tiktoker who decided to quit his job and record it, but gives his reasons for doing so, we will tell you what they are.

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The tiktoker named KingcjDuckes is a music producer who was an employee of a store called Staples.

King decided to resign, but did so in style, all recorded on his TikTok account.

“Today will be my last day. I’m retiring, “King told his supervisor, who was surprised.

King then leaves the store and explains why he did it:

“You know, sometimes we just spend all our time at these nine to five companies and we just don’t enjoy life. We are here to enjoy life. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m here to create, for everyone, man, keep doing what you do, especially all creative people, “continued the young artist.

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King then advises and encourages those in the same situation to do the same:

“Don’t give up and do something you are passionate about. These companies do not care. You will not be a millionaire working for someone else. ”

“You will not value yourself unless you value yourself. If you are not happy, leave it. “

The creator then thanks his fans for supporting his business and creative activities.

“F * ck seo. We’re going to be millionaires here, “he said as he started opening a bottle of champagne and stood in his car to celebrate.

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Prior to the young man’s activity, some Internet users supported him in his decision:

“Congratulations! I’m very proud of you “.

“Well done! I love this energy.”

“It was very encouraging to see this, to keep it up.”

“One of the best emotions for a creative is to quit a job that is bad for our mental health.”

“I did the same last week. Goodbye and good luck! “

What do you think? Would you do the same with King?

@kingcjdukes So today I decided to resign # éigeas #fip #beannacht 9to5 ♬ original sound – kingc