The two operations were carried out 24 hours apart. Two arrests and 7 kg of marijuana and hashish seized: this is the balance of the investigation carried out by the Turin police on Wednesday and Thursday. Last Wednesday night the investigators of the Communication to Madonna di Campagna; for a […]

Year after year; the State Police has consolidated the relationship with the new generations; as evidenced by the constant presence in Turin Book Fair; organizing initiatives and meetings with the Police and taking the opportunity to present editorial initiatives at its institutional stand. MORE INFORMATION On Monday; October 18; the […]

The curious background told by the editorial staff of “Il Tirreno” Curious and unexpected unexpected events for the Roma bus; stopped yesterday morning by the traffic police at Monte Alzato near Capalbio. According to the newspaper; the bus was empty (it was heading to Turin to receive the team) and […]

He misplaced his life after being punched. He was 58 years previous; so the client of a restaurant in by way of Tiburtina; a San Lorenzo. It occurred on October 1 and yesterday; after lengthy and cautious investigations; the Rome Police Commissioner ordered the quick cessation of economic exercise. It […]