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Issoire on pole to host the 2025 Rugby League World Cup matches

Thejournaltimepetition will simultaneously bring together four different men’s; women’s; youth and wheelchair rugby tournaments. For five weeks; between October and November 2025; 128 matches will be played in Paris and 40 medium-sized cities in France. “And Issoire is well placed to host matches during thisjournaltimepetition;” announces Bertrand Barraud; mayor of the city.

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In contact for several months with the organizers; the councilor confesses to believe very much in the reception of the contest. “We are well placed;” advances the mayor of Issoire; whose city had already hosted U-21 Rugby World Cup matches in 2006.

Beyond the city of Auvergne; all the originality of the French candidacy for this World Cup in 2025 resided in that priority given to cities with less than 100;000 inhabitants. -The event will be located in the heart of our terroirs. It is the DNA of the project to be distributed in many medium-sized municipalities. Generally; these territories do not host major sporting events;” Luc Lacoste; president of the French Federation of the Rugby League; summed up during Tuesday’s announcement.

Answer at the end of the year.

In addition to the 40 cities that will host matches; others will be able to receive delegations and serve as base camps. Therefore; it is not forbidden to see other regional cities affected by the event. If Paris; the capital; and Perpignan; bastion of the Catalan Dragoons; champions of the XIII in France; are sure to participate; the rest of the selected host cities will not be known until the official announcement scheduled for the end of the year. 2022.

Initially scheduled in the United States and Canada but postponed for financial reasons; the 17th Rugby League World Cup will be the third edition staged solely in France. France had previously hosted the World Cup in 1954 and then in 1972; before co-hosting in 2000 and 2013 with the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Blues have never won the event; reaching the final in 1954 and 1968. Two-time defending champions Australia have won thejournaltimepetition eleven times. The 2021 edition; postponed a year due to the pandemic; is scheduled in England from October 15 to November 19.

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