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Denis Thuriot on the three sites likely to host delegations: “He never wants to be part of the party”

What if the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games stopped at Nièvre; the time of a training ground; a preparation ground? The projection is difficult today; but the perspective is very real. The city of Nevers has proposed three sites; which can host delegations as part of their preparation for the Olympic Games in France: the Botte de Nevers fencing hall; the Pierre Fouvielle-Patrick Birocheau table tennis hall and the Pré- stadium. Fleuri; dedicated to rugby.

All three have been selected and will soon appear officially in the catalog made available to foreign and … French delegations. “The Games are a great celebration; Nevers wants to be;” explains Denis Thuriot; Mayor and President of Agglo; which has already started looking for grants.

Why did the city of Nevers propose these three sites?

The Olympics are a great celebration; Nevers wants to be. We have the possibility; through the Terre de Jeux label; to bring us this territorial anchor; to ensure that Nevers is linked to this planetary event that unites and promotes sport. It is also an opportunity to rely on this system for help. It is quite natural to have applied it in this context.

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We will have to go hunting for subsidies; generate flows. The idea is to amortize costs; even generate profits.

What are the strengths of the Nevers sites?

The table tennis room has the advantage of being able to host sports for the disabled and; through Terre de Jeux; we may have the opportunity to -update– it; to make some modifications. Regarding fencing; it is a beautiful room from the 2000s; frequented by young people from schools. The room has hosted the Crefed for five years ; identified as a high-level training center. The young cadets and juniors evolve in national and international meetings. It is also the club from which Gauthier Grumier; a double medalist at the Rio Games;journaltimees from.(Team gold and individual bronze in 2016)

. As for rugby; Pré-Fleuri is ready as it is: there is no work to be done. We can play him tomorrow; given the quality of his team.

Fencing: when Nevers pulls out his secret boot to wejournaltimee an Olympic delegation

The host clubs of the structures are waiting for information. What is the situation today? […]We know; we will have to hunt for subsidies; generate flows. The idea is to amortize costs; even generate profits. When I talk about costs; I mean the facilities of the sites; the logistics around the delegations; which involves a hotel; catering

. Once again; everything is linked. That is why we have already made requests to the National Sports Agency for fencing: a grant of € 35;000 and another of € 73;000 for signaling devices.

What about table tennis?

At the moment; we have not started a request; but nothing prohibits it.

“We thought about canoeing” The Pré-Fleuri; the Botte de Nevers and the Fouvielle-Birocheau room are part of the second update of the Paris 2024 catalog. A third will take place. Is it possible to offer new sites in Nevers; like La Maison des Sports?

I do not believe that. We think of canoeing; but it is not easy to ride. There is Vichyjournaltimepetition. We don’t have the facilities tojournaltimepete at this level. It is not useful for dispersing. We are fortunate to have quality facilities; I repeat; that have a past; an experience; such as the Pré-Fleuri; one of the most beautiful stadiums in the Pro D2.

Regional training; training and detection center.

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