The new season of “France is incredibly talented” continues at M6. Karine Le Marchand and the jury invite you to meet this Wednesday; November 17 at 9:05 p.m. for a fifth night of auditions. New talents from France and elsewhere will try their luck to enter the deliberations.


new auditions this Wednesday, November 17 at M6
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“France is incredibly talented” – on tonight’s show

To get to the next step; always the same challenge: get at least 3 “yes” from our jury. The last Golden Buzzer of the auditions will also be coveted by all the candidates who hope to win it and thus fly directly to the final.

And tonight; they will appear in particular in front of you:

The choir of Saint-Cyr

Composed of 40 students between the ages of 20 and 23; the Saint-Cyr Choir is a true institution in the military school.
Through this chorus; the official cadets want to present the values ​​of their school to as many people as possible. To convince the jury; they will perform “Ivory Tears”; a song in which a boy worries about not seeing his father return from the fighting. A moving service dedicated to all the fallen soldiers of France.

Duo Turkeev and children

In the Turkeev family; the passion and talent for overhead belts are passed down from generation to generation!
Julia and Dima have known each other for 10 years and two girls; 8 and 4 years old; were born from their love. It was when they saw them playing clowns that the couple decided to integrate them into their act by giving them ajournaltimeplete place. Will the Turkeev family succeed the Lefèvre family in La France’s pantheon of winners; an incredible talent?

Ben buffalo

Distant cousin of Steve Jobs; Ben Buffalo will appear disguised as Slip Jobs and will offer a number that could; according to him; change the phase of the world.

As a speaker during the shows of the famous apple brand; he will chain jokes to try to make our 4 jurors laugh. Will you be as successful as your model?

Khaled miloudi

A former thief; sentenced to 30 years in prison; Khaled discovered his talent during his incarceration. From hobbies to long-term confinement; poetry and writing have bjournaltimee true passions that have helped him bjournaltimee a better person. On the stage of the show; he will pay tribute through a poem to the “men of the shadows”; as he likes to describe the inmates. Will the jury be carried away by this extraordinary performance?

Francois ortis

François Ortis; the 82-year-old world weightlifting champion; demonstrates on stage that sport is health and that there is no age limit to perform sporting feats. He will do weight lifting to try to convince the jurors. But will he manage to raise the applause of the public?

Video excerpt

The Saint-Cyr Choir performs a masterful song

So who will access the deliberations by collecting a minimum of 3 yeses? And who will make it straight to the final by winning the last remaining Golden Buzzers?

To find out; meet this Wednesday night starting at 9:05 PM on the M6. “France Has Incredible Talent” can be seen and streamed and replayed on 6PLAY.

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