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Preparing for WWE 2K22

Formalized in early 2021, the release of the next WWE 2K game is no longer in doubt as it should be available next March. After a year without any releases and almost two years after the last play of 2020, the flagship game of the wrestling world is preparing to make its big return to consoles. And not just anyone, since for the first time it will be possible to play a game from the WWE 2K franchise on a ninth-generation console, specifically one of the Xbox Series and of course, the PS5.

What to give this new edition real ambitions and real pressure on 2K, forced to produce a work much better than the one known in 2020 and on the safe front, take advantage of the features offered by these new and powerful consoles …

Caption: The return is eagerly awaited!

Final details will arrive in January

We will have to wait a few more weeks to enjoy the sharper details and changes presented by the return of WWE 2K. However, American studios have already made gamers salivate by announcing the main changes made to revitalize the franchise and, of course, the gameplay.

The game controls were in the past, one of the drawbacks of this franchise and even investigating, learning by heart the different commands to chain them on the gamepad, the expected result was not always obtained.

In this sense, it is difficult to retain players, make them want to come back, and simply reward them for their effort.. In the world of entertainment and games, even more specifically, it is always frustrating not to take advantage of long working hours.

Like a card player who decides to learn his best poker rules to respect them once in part, it seems impossible to do the same in 2K to absolutely not understand anything afterwards. 2K will have worked on this and the end result will be eagerly awaited by the regulars of the franchise.

Graphics stand out

The engine, the precision and even the characteristics of the graphics have not yet been announced by the American studios. However, they rushed, in their Advance, to highlight the fact that the new graphics should be amazing.

Legend: Much is expected of the game on the PS5

Such a thing then you risk find a stunning visual, undoubtedly thanks to the benefits offered by the ninth generation consoles. If this seems obvious since PS5 and Xbox Series have revolutionized again this aspect of the video gameIt will also be interesting to see the rendering on older generation consoles like the PS4, which thankfully continues to satisfy most gamers.

However, this is another point where players especially look forward to the effort. In closed frames and with a reduced number of characters, the graphics must be high and dynamic since on paper the development is much easier than for the creation of an open world, for example.

New game modes

What better idea than the appearance of new game modes to bring a new era to one of these star games? Probably not, but watch out for false joys and potential failures!

With the long-awaited return of the “General Manager” mode, a new showcase, the appearance of the “my faction” mode, “my promotion”, surely created in the image of the “My Player” known in the basketball game. 2k headlamp for many years – the company wanted to hit the ground running and put the ambitions of one of its historic products back on the table.

As for the stars present in the game’s official license, it is difficult for the moment to accurately name them apart from the current WWE headliners, in particular due to the numerous layoffs in recent months. However, the latest trailer released by 2K in November announced 45 superstars automatically present in the initial version of the game.

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