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The Shrimps Pailletées 2: Britney Spears in the Revenge trailer

The Shrimps Pailletées 2: Britney Spears in the Revenge trailer
Guilhermier Marina


Passionate about the big and small screen and fascinated by actors, Marine has very eclectic tastes. However, he has a preference for American cinema and devours everything that passes his eyes, from the blockbuster to the smallest independent film.

After a huge public success in 2019, the Shrimps Pailletées team will return next April for a second episode, for which a first teaser has just been revealed.

They are back! After conquering 580,000 French 3 years ago on his first adventure, the Shiny Shrimp will reinvest in cinemas as of April 6, 2022.

In this second film, the water polo team heading to the Tokyo Gay Games loses their match. Matthias, Alex, Damien and their friends find themselves trapped deep in Russia, in a particularly homophobic region …

And if the first images revealed in the previous teaser are to be believed, the adventures of the little band should once again amuse viewers especially. Excerpts from the film are also interspersed with eccentric choreography to a cover of the iconic song by Britney Spears Whoops … I did it again.

Always co-produced by Cédric Le Gallo Y maxime govare and with Nicolas Gob, Michael Abiteboul, David baiot, Romain lancry, roland menou, Geoffrey couet, Romain brau Y Felix martinez, this suite titled revenge of the shrimp shrimp it will make a stop at the Alpe d’Huez Festival before its theatrical release.

Will it convince the jury that it had awarded the first film in 2019 again? Response at the end of the event on January 23rd.

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