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From tents to luxury resorts

Founded in 1950, Club Méditerranée has become one of the world’s leading tourism brands thanks to the invention of vacation clubs in the most beautiful places on the planet. From post-war tent accommodation to today’s luxury resorts, the group has been through many crises, but has been able to reinvent itself.

At the end of WWII, the French wanted freedom and a vacation in the sun. After a stay in Corsica in the summer of 1949 at the Olympic Club where his sister worked, Gérard Blitz had the idea of ​​opening his own paradise on the shores of the Mediterranean. Ingenious, this son of an Antwerp diamond dealer, former water polo champion, finds a plot of land in Alcudia on the island of Mallorca promising the owners to pay the rent at the end of the summer season. For accommodation, while checking the phone book, he came across Trigano Père & Fils, a small family business that makes camping covers. Gilbert Trigano picked up the receiver. The deal was quickly closed and 200 tents were set up in Alcudia in the summer of 1950.

Never without your “Collar-bar”

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