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Thetford Ultimate is born

Thetfordois Alexandre Dion and Guillaume Arcand continue to establish the first ultimate frisbee league in the region. A friendly match was also held on September 9 at Notre-Dame Park.

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport played for decades by thousands of men and women around the world. Mix the best features of soccer; basketball and football.

Surely the planets were aligned for these two enthusiasts who wanted; each one on their own; to start this type of project. -It’s funny because Guillaume and Ijournaltimemunicated with the City one day apart when we didn’t know each other. My wife and I have just arrived in the area and we already practice this sport. We told ourselves that it would be a good idea to continue doing it here; –Alexandre Dion told Courrier Frontenac.

For his part; Guillaume Arcand had the opportunity to play many times when he lived in Sherbrooke. Back in the region for just over a year; he admitted that he was bored with this physical activity. -I think we have enough athletes here to have fun. Also; I was pressured quite regularly to start a league; but it was hard to find the resources and I really didn’t have the skills. “

Therefore; the two men decided to work together so that their project could materialize. At the time of writing; around 40 people had shown interest through their respective network of contacts. -In the short term; if we could have around 30 players; it would be great. There are many associations in the region and it will be necessary to share the gyms and outdoor grounds. This is a point that may be limiting the number of participants and games played; but we will try to have as many as possible –; added Guillaume.

At the moment; Thetford Ultimate intends to develop a group of high-level local players. -It’s easier for us since the junior is new to Quebec and we don’t have a team behind us. However; it is by finding motivated and enthusiastic people throughout the league that we can eventually enter the schools and organize co-ed intra-multipurpose teams; –he said.

Canadian Ultimate Championships © 2019 Eye to Ngai Photography

Sport spirit

To practice Ultimate Frisbee; sportsmanship is an essential element and highly valued at all levels. -What excites me is above all the fact that there is no referee. You are bound to have an ethic for yourself and your team towards the opponent. There is a camaraderie that you don’t find in other disciplines and a really fun energy; –said Alexandre.

Its accessibility in monetary terms is also very interesting according to Guillaume. “It only takes you one record and you can play anywhere.” Sure; on the outside; the ideal would be to wear crampons to avoid injuries and have more control on the field; but a Frisbee costs about ten dollars and we only need one for about 15 players; so great! –.

Thetford Ultimate will be active on Fall and Winter Wednesday nights at Thetford Polyvalente. Those interested can get more details by visiting the league’s Facebook group.

Editor’s Note: Alexandre Dion took part in the 2019 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Brampton in late August; where his team took home gold. He is also photographed with his disc and his medal around his neck.

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