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The definitive frisbee arrives at Haut-Bugey

After traveling through France; whether in Nantes or Valenciennes; Leïla Bages-Limoges arrives in Port. She takes the opportunity to introduce the best bastards to ultimate frisbee.

113 clubs in France; or 5;000 licensees: these figures may surprise you. However; ultimate frisbee is a sport that is increasingly practiced in our country. A mixed discipline; for all ages; thatjournaltimebines dexterity; intelligence and above all physical condition. “The matches are quite intense. Many times; when a player has scored a point; he is replaced to rest”; explains Leïla Bages-Limoges; president of the Volant Haut B’gey association.

To get a point; a member of your team must catch the puck on the opposite half of the field. Ultimateurs play on a surface 100m long by 30m wide; whether on grass; indoors or on the beach. During a game; an ultimateur cannot move while holding the puck in his hands. You only have the right to move one foot; like in basketball. There are several types of blows: forehand; backhand or over a person. Please note that this is a self-arbitration sport. “Which requires players to know the rules well”says the president.

Ultimate Frisbee in Haut-Bugey

Leïla Bages-Limoges; recently arrived in Haut-Bugey; has decided to pass on her passion to the inhabitants of Aindinois. Coming from Nantes; she is an experienced player who is still selected for the French women’s team in the discipline. He has practiced the discipline in many countries. However; this sport is still unknown and therefore requires you to keep a budget for these trips.

At the same time; he decided to found his last frisbee club in the region: Haut B’gey volant. A little game of words that seduced 12 brave people last Monday. They braved the cold and wind at the beginning of March; on the Port rugby field; near the multipurpose room. “It was the only field available. We will see later if we can also train in Oyonnax”; the ultimate frisbee master awaits. She also hopes to see her membership grow. “If all goes well; we want to enter the association in regionaljournaltimepetitions for next September.”

aurelien burban

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