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Freestyle Jumping World Cup | We lay down at the Relais

(Lac-Beauport) Marion Thénault; the best Canadian in acrobatic jumps; is relieved that the World Cup will be held this Wednesday at the Le Relais ski center. Until the last minute; he feared that the Omicron variant was right about the event.

Emilie Bilodéau

Emilie Bilodéau

However; his friends and family; who were traveling in large numbers from Sherbrooke to Lac-Beauport; will have to watch thejournaltimepetition on television.

“Everyone knows I play this sport; but no one really sees me;” said the 21-year-old; disappointed but grateful to be able tojournaltimepete in the circumstances.

The one who was named rookie of the year; last season; finished her training on Tuesday in the jumps that were specially designed for the World Cup; returning to the relay after 27 years. However; it was not the structures that gave him a hard time; but the cold and snow of the last few days.

-It’s still a challenge to jump when it’s cold. But at least they give us chicken broth at the end of the road and we have tents with fire pits inside to keep warm. But it is part of the sport. I chose a winter sport! Laughs the bubbly athlete.


Marion Thénault

Who distributes chicken soup at the foot of the slope is the mother of Émile Nadeau; a hopeful from Quebec who is in good condition to qualify for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

When organizers announced on December 22 that the event would be held without spectators; many parents of athletes signed up to volunteer to attend thejournaltimepetition. Lewis Irving and Émile Nadeau’s parents work snow on the drop landings; and Miha Lafontaine’s sister is a pioneer.

Émile Nadeau; 17; also took a day off on Tuesday; on the eve of the World Cup.


emilio nadeau

-Between Christmas and New Year we had the advantage of jumping before the arrival of other countries. Our adjustment period ended when the other athletes arrived. I can afford this day of rest; which other countries cannot do –; he explains; with his cup of broth in his hands.

Athletes from Russia and Belarus have decided to skip their turn for the Lac-Beauport World Cup. The United States did not send its best athletes to prevent them from contracting COVID-19 four weeks before the Games. However; nine other countries; in addition to Canada; are present at the Relay.

Great ambitions

The athletes of Quebec have high ambitions for this Wednesday’sjournaltimepetition.

Marion Thénault; who ranks second in the world in the provisional ranking prior to the Olympic Games; is aiming for the podium. She plans to perform a double double back with two spins in qualifying and the final; then a double double back with three spins if she reaches the super final.

For their part; Émile Nadeau and Miha Fontaine; son of former world champion Nicolas Fontaine; will attempt a dangerous triple back (the first in a stretched position; two spins in the second and a top in the last rotation); a first injournaltimepetition for both. athletes.


miha fontaine

“It may not be the degree of difficulty to win the World Cup; but they are still in a development process;” said Nicolas Fontaine; technical director of the Quebec national team.

About ten years ago; the Quebec team took a turn; he explains. He decided to give himself more time to develop athletes and thus reduce the number of injuries.

-But there we realize that our youngsters have better bases and are finally ready to try triple spins at 18 years old while we glimpse that around 20–; explains Nicolas Fontaine; who is eager to see his pupils in the job. this Wednesday.

With this new leap; Émile Nadeau wishes to reach the the best 8; which would almost certainly guarantee a ticket to Beijing. Miha Fontaine; for her part; just wants the execution and landing of her jump to be a success. It would be the best birthday present for someone who turned 18 on Monday.

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