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A triathlon and canoe racing competition to promote the cultural and sporting potential of the Niger River – The Sahel

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The Agence de Modernization des Villes (AMV) of Niger inaugurated yesterday morning in the Kombo district of Niamey; its activities with a triathlonjournaltimepetition and canoe race. This activity; called the first edition; “ the city on water *; is organized in collaboration with the Niger Triathlon Federation. The start of thejournaltimepetitions was in charge of the Prime Minister; Head of Government; Mr. Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou. The young people from the capitaljournaltimepeted in these sports disciplines and the best of the different categories were awarded. The ceremony was marked by the presence of national deputies; members of the government; the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic; officials of sports federations and numerous guests.

This first edition of the aquathlon triathlon put young people from Saga; Gamkallé; Kombo; Yantala bas; Goudel; Lossa Goungou; Gabagoura; Tondibiya; Neini Goungou; Gawèye; Lamordé and Nogaré injournaltimepetition. These are young people from all the neighborhoods; the urban towns of Niamey located along the river with a demonstration from the Club Nautique de Niamey. Thejournaltimepetition brought together fifteen teams of canoeists and three groups of young people in aquathlon; specifically the category of 9 to 12 years; 13 to 15 years and 16 and over. Its objective is to detect young talents and support them in their sports passion.

As for the boatmen; it was team # 5 that ranked first followed by # 6 (2nd) and team # 3journaltimepleted the list.

A triathlon and canoe racing competition to promote the cultural and sporting potential of the Niger River – The Sahel

In the aquathlon; particularly in the 16+ category; Issoufou Sani placed at the top of the list followed respectively by Alassane Oumarou (2nd) and Chaibou Adamou (3rd). On the women’s side; Idani Khadija won the trophy followed by Maryam Yacouba (2nd) and Zalika Abdoulaye (3rd).

For the category of female youngest from 9 to 12 years old; it is Laila Harouna who wins the trophy followed respectively by Rahila Moussa (2nd) and Oubeida Moumouni (3rd). Side boy Nazifi Inousssa was first followed by Mahamadou Moumouni (2nd) and Soudaiste Seyni (3rd).

Regarding the category of girls from 13 to 15 years old; it was Salima Boureima who finished first; followed by Rafatou Boubacar (2nd) and Nadia Zodi (3rd). For the boys in this category; it was Mahamadou Yacouba who won the first place followed by Massaoudou Boureima (2nd) and Oumarou Boureima (3rd).

It should be noted that an incentive award was given to the young Oumarou Moussa in aquathlon and a testimony of satisfaction to the general manager of the AMV granted by the Nigerian Triathlon Federation.

At the end of thisjournaltimepetition; the director general of the Agence de Modernization des Villes du Niger; Mr. Mouctar Mamoudou; said that the AMV has chosen an introduction through water through a sporting event. -This; to say that water and the environment will be at the center of urban concerns and also of youth. Niamey; about water is a concept that we are going to encourage every year to identify and deal with issues related to water in cities –; he explained. “This first edition is a way to create an urban environment on the river; further integrating this fabulous waterway into the urban fabric by promoting nautical activities;” he said.

Next; the Director General of AMV explained that it is within the framework of strengthening a synergy of actions and to meet the growing social demand in our cities that the Government has decided to develop and implement a modernization and urban development program for the Cities of Niger and entrust its execution to a specialized body; the AMV; the Agence de Modernization des Villes du Niger. According to Mr. Mouctar Mamoudou; the Agency for the Modernization of Cities is an implementation structure and technical assistance in the implementation of infrastructure and equipment projects; as well as urban management and assistance to city management.

He added that the AMV will carry out a program that aims to promote a dynamic of integrated and sustained urbanization to raise the level and improve the quality of access to essential services in urban centers and promote their development as an economic; cultural and sports center. . such as the modernization of the urban system and the management of our cities. This urban planning and development program reconciles; according to Mr. Moctar Mamoudou; the economic; environmental; social; cultural and sports dimensions that integrate the challenges of demography; gender; urban expansion; security; new technologies; climate change for the construction of modern houses and sustainable cities. -The actions of the agency also refer to innovation and monitoring of urban management tools; development operations; beautification and urban renewal that will be carried out to improve services to the population; to position our cities among the most attractive parts of the West African subregion. . The Agency’s Program is carried out in all Niger cities in collaboration with the various actors in the cities; without substituting the prerogatives of each one to exercisejournaltimeplementarity and synergy of efforts –; he explained.

The president of the Niger Triathlon Federation; Mr. Marou Hamadou; wejournaltimeed this initiative of the Agence de Modernization des Villes du Niger. Precisely; he underlines; this activity highlights the opportunities offered by the Niger River; an interesting aquatic environment due to its cultural and sports aspect. He said the initiative aims to select; detect and then train grassroots youth between the ages of 10 and 23. -Our athletes are the best in the sub-region as evidenced by the results of 2021 when we won six medals; three of which were gold; one silver and two bronze. That is why we are asking our authorities to support these young people through the development of our river so that they can fulfill their passion and defend the colors of the country –; concluded Mr. Marou Hamadou.

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