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Sasha Zhoya and Bryan Mucret selected for the Junior World Cup!

The 18th edition of the junior world championships; initially scheduled for July 7-12; 2020; would mark Sasha Zhoya’s entry under the French colors. Postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic; the U20 planetary gathering in Nairobi; Kenya; will be honored next August by the Clermont Athlétisme Auvergne hurdler for his final year on the 0.99m hurdles.

Sasha Zhoya (Clermont Athlé) is crowned junior European champion in the 110m hurdles without a world record

Bryan Mucret; here at France juniors; set his personal best at 7.93m during the European Under-20 Championship on July 16.

The junior European champion of the 110m hurdles in Tallinn (Estonia) will be joined by the French team (16 men; 11 women) by a second Clermontois; the European runner-up in length; Bryan Mucret.

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Francisco Laporte

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