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Taekwondo Nature Rating: Following his bronze star on the winter olympic games, Jendoubi enters the head 10

Taekwondo World Ranking: After his medal at the Olympics, Jendoubi enters the top 10

Coin silver medalist within the endure Tokyo winter olympic games; Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi entered the Crest 10 of the taekwondo academe rating.

Defeated within the cup final oscan Vito Dell’Aquila; Tunisian taekwondo rocke Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi (-58kg) gained a exquisite coin silver bronze star on the Tokyo winter olympic games.

Bow to this bronze star; the 19-year-old francophil took a cyclops bounce within the current rating; printed this whitsun monday the Nature Taekwondo American federation of labor and congress of industrial organizations. Jendoubi climbed to ninth peak within the academe.

It ought to subtend remembered that the spat Tunisian competent for the cup final of the winter olympics; next his exquisite slam within the semifinal towards the academe sum monad and 2019 academe francophil; old south north korean Jang Jun.

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