SOn Saturday November 20; the taekwondo officials of the Occitanie league; with the local club Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe (81) scheduled and organized the graduation to obtain the 1st dan and 2nd dan black belts.

Stephane Vidal; Director of ASTSM and one of his students; Patrick Brudy; made the trip. The first as a judge and the second to appear for the rank step.

Patrick Brudy had already validated two of the three modules in July in Leucate (11): the -B– relative to the knowledge of the wrestling sector and poumsé arbitration; as well as a questionnaire on the Federation (FFDTA) and the associative life; Module “C” includes several rounds ofjournaltimebat; various self-defense techniques; and counterattack techniques on a partner.

Therefore; it was submitted for module “A”. It involved performing two poumsés (various sequences of techniques against an imaginary opponent) and the kibons where the jury asks the candidates to practice a series of techniques.

About a hundred candidates were present and distributed in the eleven evaluation areas.

The afternoon was physical and waiting for the results was stressful for everyone. It was the president of the Occitanie League; Carole Laforêt; ajournaltimepanied by two grandmasters; Huo Yung Kai Vipaul and Lee Won Sik; as well as many senior officials from the region; who announced the promotion.

The club directors; teachers; board members and all members congratulate the new 1st dan black belt and wish him a good continuation of the goals he has now set for himself.

Whatever your age and sports goals; join ASTSM; “a club where life is good”; to discover Korean martial arts and train in Taekwondo; Tek Training and Self Defense. 67 avenue Jean-Jaurès in Millau. Contact: Facebook: Millau Astsm.

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