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Coronation Street Fans Say The Same Thing Abi Webster Tells Imran Habeeb She’s Pregnant

CORONATION Street fans have the same thought after Abi Webster tells Imran Habeeb that she might be pregnant.

The Mechanic; who is played by actress Sally Carman on the ITV soap opera; thinks she’s waiting because Kelly Neelan noticed she looks pale.

Abi Webster of Coronation Street has news for Imran

Viewers know that Abi had a one-night stand with Imran Habeeb months ago.

Neither Abi’s husband Kevin nor Imran’s partner Toyah know; although Imran confessed to having a one-night stand in Toyah earlier this year.

Tonight; Abi finally faced her campaign of terror against Kelly.

He forced her to make a decision.

But after asking for a truce with Kelly; Abi realized she wasn’t feeling well.

He returned home and made a horrible discovery.

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He texted Imran; told him they were meeting; and left for his office after midnight.

When fireworks exploded around him; Abi dropped a bomb on the lawyer.

“It’s not about Kelly; it’s about us;” she told him as he insisted there was no “us.”

“Well now there is;” he said.

” I think I’m pregnant. “

But before Imran could react; Adam stepped out of line with his wife Sarah and sat down.

The viewers couldn’t believe what was happening and couldn’t believe that Abi hadn’t bothered to take a quiz before telling Imran.

One of them wrote: -Abi; get up. Poor Kevin. “

One second he said; -If Abi is planning to meet Imran to tell him she’s pregnant… then why the hell would she do that?

Another added: -Ooooo; I think Abi has a bun in the oven and wants to see Imran. “

The married mechanic had an affair with Imraan and is now pregnant


The married mechanic had an affair with Imraan and is now pregnant

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