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Project CARS 3, Director of Motorstorm and Driveclub on a new game, bets are off

Game News Project CARS 3, Director of Motorstorm and Driveclub on a new game, bets are off

Paul Rutstchynsky is one of the developers who has a bit of experience: Motorstorm, Driveclub, Onrush or Project CARS, that’s him… and the man confirms that he is working on a new game.

Paul Rutstchynsky, the man behind MotorStorm … and not only

Paul Rutstchynsky is not an illustrious stranger in the video game industry – this developer has a great resume from we owe him the famous MotorStorm, once the spearheads of the PlayStation 3 (by the way, did you know that Did fans relive multiplayer from the first episode?), plus also a certain DRIVECLUB, which had been discussed at the launch of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the latter will not have managed to last and Rutstchynsky will have finally migrated to another car game, the interesting ASSAULT, which despite a certain ingenuity will have led to the death of his studio.

Our man, therefore, will have gone to Slightly Mad Studios to direct CARS 3 project, last episode of the car simulation series: you have to believe that you still have not found the shoe at your feet since in 2020 announced to join Avalanche Studios Group. A sacred journey that will soon lead to a new game, still mysterious, whose nature is slowly beginning to take shape.

No sequel to MotorStorm and Driveclub, but a “very different” game

Sure Twitter that Paul Rutstchynsky indulged in an interesting statement: yes, works well on an unreleased track… But don’t expect the sequel to any of its previous apps. In fact, This future project won’t even have an eye on the racing side!

To answer some hypotheses, I am not working on a racing game. Sorry, there is no sequel to DRIVECLUB, successor to MotorStorm or project ONRUSH. It is something very different from anything I have worked with before.

This inevitably arouses curiosity. Would it be in an action adventure game? A narrative game? Or a fully multiplayer game, why not free-to-play? It is recalled that Avalanche Studios Group has several three divisions, including those behind the games. Just cause Y Rage 2 (the latter has been co-developed by id Software). In 2020, the organization opened a new studio in Liverpool for which Rutstchynsky is responsible, with this game that will be officially presented in 2022… The forecasts are open.

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Project CARS 3, Director of Motorstorm and Driveclub on a new game, bets are off

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