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Évreux learns the high level

The Evreux Volley-Ball is in a delicate situation. The Eure club has just reached the female elite. Recently; the president praised the financial situation. Therefore; the general opinion is very positive. But the club is; today; at the end of the classification.

Access to League A Women will have forced the club to modernize its room. But even though improving the facilities; there is still a problem for the National Volleyball League. The instance requires even more efficient equipment than the new facilities of the EVB gym. The club may no longer be able to play in its den. It would be a huge knock Lasted for the club with respect to House from Fat stables from championship. At the last general assembly; the president declared that she was in negotiations. with the League to lower the requirements.

Évreux learns the high level
A team problem

The Evreux Volley-Ball hasffiThere is a desire to remain in the elite. The club’s project is in an investment in youth categories in parallel with the effprofessional staff. This project The athlete must allow the club to grow in number of licensees. Therefore; it is necessary to be sure the club to welcome a greater number of young people in the best conditions. That it requires human and material resources. But these wills sound like a conviction for the EVB. Therefore; the club has an ambitious project supported by a large number of members to help to befinancially.

A momentous period for the club

Staying in the elite would bring stability to the highest level. Club projects it will be able to materialize with more serenity. The EVB schedule gives hope; because the team already hasffrontage 4 of the 5 leading teams. Therefore; the next results will be fundamental for the normannd club.

By Nicolas Derrien

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