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They do everything possible to avoid contracting COVID-19 before the Beijing Games | have you seen?

More than a dozen athletes from the Ottawa-Gatineau region are due to compete in various events beginning February 4. Everyone is on alert right now to stay healthy. a bit like him the skier Mikaël Kingsbury; who explained in recent days that he had created his own bubble.

The bubble is already sealed in Alberta for the long track speed skating team. Members of the Olympic team are currently training with each other and no longer cross paths with other skaters from downtown Calgary.

It sure is extra stress. We all wear N95 or N99; high quality masks. Our team has separate ice hours. It’s more stressful than usual. You have to realize that you have to be careful. If we’re declared positive now; we’re almost certainly not going there. it’s stressful; admits Ottawa figure skater Ivanie Blondin.

They do everything possible to avoid contracting COVID-19 before the Beijing Games |  have you seen?

Ivanie Blondin after her win in Salt Lake City

Photo: Courtesy: ISU Speed ​​Skating

Since an athlete who tests positive must abide by a 10-day lockdown before being able to fly to China; those who contract COVID after January 15 would see their sleep in jeopardy. Canadians will also have to undergo PCR tests within three days of leaving the plane.

« we try to keep the cheer up lighter. But it’s difficult. We talk about it a lot with each other. »

a quote from Ivanie Blondin; speed skater

The 31-year-old is trying to compete in his third Olympic Games after those of Sochi and Pyeongchang. The event is probably her last chance to win an Olympic medal; as she has dominated the mass start and team pursuit for two years with her partners Isabelle Weidemann and Valérie Maltais.

We go to the Games to act; but also to live the experience. Is something special. We take the rules seriously; but don’t take them too seriously.; this blonde.

If we stress over everything; it will affect our performance. We know they’ll throw curveballs at us; adds who believes her wealth of experience will help her handle this usual mental load.

Figure skater Paul Poirier also acknowledges that COVID-19 is on the minds of several members of the future Canadian delegation. The Cornish athlete will also have to compete in her third Games in Beijing; along with her partner Piper Gilles; after taking 8merank of the dance event in 2018.

A pair of skaters in action on the ice.

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier during a competition in Grenoble

Photo: AP/Francois Mori

We developed some tricks. We are looking for quiet places to do our warm-up exercises in the arenas. We avoid other skaters as much as possible. We have been living in virtual isolation for several weeks and that is not going to change between now and the Games.explains Poirier during his visit to Ottawa for the National Championships.

The pair do not want to jeopardize their participation in the Games when they represent an important medal hope for Canada.

The virus is circulating and we are at risk of contracting it. Piper and I want quiet. We must not have COVID occupying all our thoughts; we have other things to solve between now and the Games.

Live your first Games in the shadow of the coronavirus

The Outaouais will have a favorite place in the Chinese cross-country ski team. Antoine Cyr; Katherine stewart jones and Laura Leclair will be in Beijing for their first Olympic experience. Nordiq Canada heads to British Columbia for a two-week camp before flying to Asia. There too; the athletes will limit their contact to the strict minimum.

The training that we normally do together will be individual. We will be supervised by coaches; but we will not have partners. They are the great games; the great forms; but it is what has to be done. All athletes must have the same speech as me.says Antoine Cyr.

An athlete during a cross-country skiing competition.

Antoine Cyr in competition

Photo: Sportcom

« We no longer travel together; we order groceries online to avoid contact at the store. The rooms are in bubbles. We are guided by doctors and we are careful. »

a quote from Antoine Cyr; Founder

Athletes are still trying to focus on the things they can control; but the additional restrictions and procedures that have been placed on them have certainly added an element of stress over the last two years.

It’s like that in all sports right now. We live in a crazy world. People complain about their confinement; but ours started at the beginning of the seasonCir says.

Traveling is not as pleasant as before. You can’t go for coffee. You are at the race site or in your hotel room. […] All team members stay together and live in separate hotel rooms.; summarizes.

Chelsea cross-country skier Laura Leclair also recently qualified for her first Games. She also takes many precautions so that the virus does not come to destroy her dream.

Portrait of Laura Leclair.

Laura Leclair; Chelsea Nordiq skier and women’s sprint gold medalist

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ismaël Sy

prochaines semaines vont être cruciales. Ce sera un moment stressant et on va tout faire pour pouvoir s’asseoir dans l’avion pour la Chine. Nos mesures sont sévères, ce sont des sacrifices, mais on est habitués d’en faire et on en est tous capables”,”text”:”C’est très difficile. La qualification est faite, mais les deuxprochaines semaines vont être cruciales. Ce sera un moment stressant et on va tout faire pour pouvoir s’asseoir dans l’avion pour la Chine. Nos mesures sont sévères, ce sont des sacrifices, mais on est habitués d’en faire et on en est tous capables”}}”>It is very difficult. Qualifying is done; but the next two weeks will be crucial. It will be a stressful time and we will do our best to be able to sit on the plane to China. Our measures are severe; they are sacrifices; but we are used to making them and we are all capable of it.Leclair insists.

In all of this logistical fuss and worry; Antoine Cyr and Laura Leclair have an advantage over their teammates. They form a couple in life and therefore can be considered as a family bubble. This situation allows them to spend more time together and feel less isolated.

We are very lucky. Antoine came to the national teams with me even though his qualification was already assured. is an advantage We all need human contact and when it’s your lover; it’s even better. I am thankful for that. It lessens the stress of being together as well.Leclair points out.

As with the Tokyo Games; nothing will be simple or easy for the presentation of the Beijing Games. Beyond the physical sacrifice and the last four years of effort invested by the athletes; this new mental aspect and the Chinese health restrictions represent a great challenge for all members of the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2022.

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