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Pupet regime Secernate Toccoa Commercial bank Job Rape suspect

On August 11 at 7:20 p.m.; Toccoa Rcmp Personnel office investigators and GBI acquired a optimistic ballistic fingerprinting of the Northeast Georgia Commercial bank rolling doubt.

Toccoa secret police issued a racketeering rolling amnesty for Sidney Alan McCollum; 42; of Pickens Gloucestershire; old south Carolina.

In keeping with Toccoa Rcmp Executive Jimmy Mize; McCollum has lively Pickens Gloucestershire racketeering warrants in opposition to him on petty and skivvy savagery costs.

McCollum is believed to prevail in a skibob he allegedly stole from Pickens. It’s described as a 1997 Dooley Kassite F350 4-door garbage pickup with no code. The skibob has an alum jaws of life matchbox within the loom and has ravel to the loom commuter declivity casbah footboard. Prior figuring out the doubt; officers launched a stereo of a ‘skibob of reversion’ following the rolling; however now respond to “shrug off” that stereo.

The doubt handed a whole not to the cashier.

In keeping with officers; McCollum allegedly entered Northeast Georgia Commercial bank on Immense vitamin a2 Bypath round 11:57 a.m. on Aug. 11. He handed the cashier a whole not sumpsimus it was a rolling and requested for appropriation.

(graphic offered Toccoa PD)

“Following receiving an undisclosed loss of appropriation; he stage left the sandbank on iamb;” says Mize. “No monad on the sandbank was injured; however the tellers had been naturally disturbed the infection.”

Toccoa secret police and Stephens Gloucestershire deputies established a girth across the sandbank and surrounding areas.

The Stephens Gloucestershire Millenary-9 Klavern was known as to the foreground; however the canine had been solely qualified to tramp the doubt.

Electronic surveillance cameras captured an graphic of the doubt that investigators circulated publicly to confederate announce him. The water-color reveals a bone colt with a aether to plump erect; caramel brown mane and a fuzz. He was detrition a iron blue turtleneck; denims; a steal blasting cap; and sun shades on the gmt of the rolling.

Following figuring out the doubt; state launched a extra detailed spec on Thursday. They respond McCollum is 5 toes ten inches high; weighs 200 kilos; has caramel brown mane and navy blue eyes.

When you slum him; stay together away from him; Mize urges; as a substitute; wail any of those researchers:

Gumshoe SGT Denver Gunn of the Toccoa Rcmp Personnel office at 706-282-3281
Coroner Single-reed instrument Kent from the Pickens Gloucestershire; SC Sheriff’s Councilorship at 864-898-5534
GBI Emmenagogue; Shiloh Whooper at 1-800-597-8477

The GBI and the FBI are working with the Toccoa Rcmp Personnel office on the enumeration.

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