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Toulon: the legacy of Commander Cousteau

The start of the narrative goes again nearly 80 years; it’s in 1938 when the primary class insignia Jacques-Yves Cousteau disembarks within the port of Toulon. There he met Lieutenant Philippe Taillez and engineer Frédéric Dumas. Nicknamed the Mousquemers; they may bjournaltimee the fathers of the diving and analysis part of the French Navy; right this moment known as Cephismer; Human Diving and Submarine Response Unit.

Cousteau’s legacy

Nearly the whole lot in Cephismer is imbued with the aura of those three males and extra notably Jacques-Yves Cousteau; who grew to become well-known for his analysis and discoveries. Diving fits; oxygenation methods; and weighted sneakers are on show to remind us of the progress made by the Navy’s diving part always.

At the entrance to Cephismer, a
On the entrance to Cephismer; a – Samia Belbachir

“We work with the rules of Cousteau and Mousquemers; it’s a heritage that we sustain with worthy worth; and on the identical time we develop it with expertise”; explains thejournaltimemander of the Cephismer; Commander Bertrand De Logeril. In truth; the regulators used to oversee the consumption of oxygen to divers remained largely the identical till 2009.

The devices developed by Cousteau and his team served as the basis for modern diving tools.
The gadgets developed by Cousteau and his workforce served as the premise for contemporary diving instruments. – Samia Belbachir

From analysis to intervention

Cousteau and his mates had been the primary to acknowledge the potential of submarine motion for the French Navy. Right this moment; Cephismer divers will be divided into two classes: onboard divers and weapon divers. The primary dive to a greatest depth of 35 meters and has upkeep; restore and intervention work of all types associated to marine vessels. The second can to move or extend to a higher level or farther north. to 80 meters and produce collectively cleanup divers who; because the identify suggests; to make time in a busy schedule for a person or an activity. mined areas; and engineering divers who’re answerable for the submarines.

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Everybody can intervene in all types of operations; from trying to find black containers within the occasion of a airplane crash at sea; to army intervention in theaters of operations overseas.

The consequences of diving on the human physique.

If we owe Cousteau and his mates the primary innovations that allowed diving; we additionally owe them their discoveries concerning the results of diving on the human physique. The primary dramatic expertise shall be when NCO Teacher Maurice Fargue dies whereas diving withjournaltimepressed air in 1947.

-Right this moment we’re working in simulation; with the scholars of the French Navy diving college; but in addition with the on-board and weapons divers–; specifies the primary trainer Julien; answerable for the Cephismer machines. The unit has a CH500 Hyperbaric  middle distinctive in France. -As much as 4 divers can enter. We simulate the immersion course of from one excessive to the opposite; from descent to ascent in djournaltimepression; –adds Chief Warrant Officer Julien. For a diving simulation deeper than 700 meters; divers should spend 24 days within the hyperbaric chamber; with the severe minimal.

The hyperbaric chamber allows diving simulations up to 700 meters deep.
The hyperbaric chamber permits diving simulations as much as 700 meters deep. – Samia Belbachir

“Diving accidents are frequent; particularly amongst diving college students;” confesses Grasp Director Cyril; who’s each a hyperbaric nurse and a clean-up diver. In Toulon there are solely two specialists within the medical therapy of diving accidents.

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