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“The Odyssey”, immersed within the planet Cousteau with a golden solid

Tackling a biographical movie of Commander Cousteau isn’t any insignificant feat. Pioneering underwater world explorer; filmmaker; media determine; idealist; Jacques-Yves Cousteau has nonetheless generated controversy and lived an eventful personal life. Jérôme Salle extracts from it a biographical movie that addresses a flexible man. A deep dive.

Jérôme Salle has by no means dissatisfied. From “Anthony Zimmer” (2005); to “Zulu” (2013); by means of the 2 diversifications of thejournaltimeic guide hero “Largo Winch” (2008; 2001); he forever demonstrated a demanding filmmaking expertise in his settings and staging . each basic and efficient. Forever respectful of an viewers to whom he offers his finest; Salle can bejournaltimepared to one of the best American filmmakers by way of universalism and professionalism; whereas displaying character. Not like a lot of his colleagues throughout the Atlantic; a Jérôme Salle movie is recognizable.


A biographical movie of Commander Cousteau is for him a boulevard the place he can categorical his enthusiasm for driven andjournaltimeplex topics. A James Bond of lofty finance (“Largo Winch”); a racial thriller (“Zulu”); in the present day a humanist icon; nevertheless controversial. A boulevard additionally for the prodigious potential of such an journey; a dimension that Jérôme Salle masters to perfection; with out falling into gratuitousness or show. The filmmaker confirms his esteem for the gorgeous picture; the setting and the sunshine; the selection of areas; the rhythm and the spectacularization of the tale. However the noteworthy success lies in mixing this expertise with the psychological depth of the characters; the cornerstone of all his movies.

“The Odyssey” exhibits noteworthy mastery at this level; in writing (through which Salle participates in all his movies); right here tailored from the guide testimony of Albert Falco (“Captain of Calypso” – Artaud); Cousteau’s major collaborator together with his son Philippe. It’s served by hand drawn actors. A solid of desires; with Lambert Wilson invested in thejournaltimeplexity of the person below his svelte determine; Audrey Tautou; in Simone Cousteau; drenched in esteem; jealous of the numerous conquests of her husband; alcoholic and idealist; Pierre Ninney; disguised as his son Philippe; prodigal son; then in oppose together with his father; not forgetting Vincent Heineine within the diving swimsuit of “Bébert” Falco; trustworthy and devoted captain and director of pictures; diving director of the Cousteau workforce.

Audrey Tautou and Lambert Wilson in "The odyssey" by Jérôme Salle (Coco Van Oppens)

Elegant in his staging; Jérôme Salle lifts the veil on the character of the person who made the planet conscious of the ocean; in his deep vocation; but additionally its contradictions; whereas tactfully touching the tumultuous household relationships and his selfishness. “All my life I wished to overcome a modern universe; when it was needed to guard it;” he stated; subscribing to the phrases of his son to undertake an ecological struggle; by making the UN vote on a moratorium on the exploitation of Antarctica. (contested by Russia; Japan and China). Pleasure is at its peak within the final  part of the movie; with the announcement of the demise of his son Philippe; who annihilates Cousteau; Simone and Falco. Comforting An oversight: the homo aquarius’s ardour for the seek for submerged treasures through which he invests loads. To finance your expeditions? Nevertheless; Jérôme Salle masters his topic and his movie as a lengthy distance captain. Magnificent.

"The odyssey" by Jérôme Salle: one of the posters (Wild Bunch Distribution)


Biopic by Jérôme Salle (France) – With: Lambert Wilson; Pierre Niney; Audrey Tautou; Laurent Lucas; Benjamin Lavernhe; Vincent Heneine – Length: 2h02 – Premiere: October 12; 2016

Synopsis : 1948. Jacques-Yves Cousteau; his spouse and two kids; dwell in paradise; in a gorgeous home overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. However Cousteau solely desires of journey. Due to his invention; an autonomous spacesuit that lets you breathe underwater; he found a modern world. Now he desires to discover this world. And for that; he’s keen to sacrifice the whole lot; between personal life; public life; exploration and monetary dangers; the future of a familyjournaltimemitted to a great.

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