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The “Gombessa 5” expedition delivers its first outcomes

The “Gombessa 5” expedition delivers its first results

The -Gombessa 5– expedition delivers its first outcomes

Laurent Ballesta; identified for his expeditions on the lofty seas; is an skilled diver. His speciality? Discover the depths of the seas for an ecological expertise. Known as Gombessa; these precise underwater epicsjournaltimebine diving expertise and scientific ambition.

The 2019 version materialized with 28 days within the Mediterranean: 4 divers lived confined to a depth of 100 meters; in a -batyale station–; that’s; a system of pressurized cameras that allowed saturation diving; to cross the coast between Marseille and Monaco. . Goals: to guage the state of the water and the biodiversity of this so-called -twilight– zone.

Throughout nearly 400 hours of diving; unpublished photographs (images and movies) of species by no means illustrated alive of their surroundings had been taken. A list of fish gift at six websites is being carried out utilizing environmental DNA extracted from water drawn from the floor right down to -120 m.

Laurent Balesta’s workforce was additionally within the temperature profile of every web site; in a very sizzling summer time context. Temperatures ranged from 26.7 ° C on the floor to 13.8 ° C on the deepest level of the measurement probe (-197 m).

Different subjects of curiosity had been introduced to the 13 scientific companions of the expedition. Amongst its supporters; the L’Œil d’Andromède affiliation; which organizes the dives; consists of the Veolia and Prince Albert II foundations of Monaco; the Arte and Ushuaïa tv channels; or the Rhône Méditerranée Corse water company; the French Company for The Biodiversity. ..


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Within the photograph: Seawater filtration taken in depth to review micro organism. © Julie Hinder Andro

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