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Pioneer, the film about hazardous dives looking for oil

The pioneers of deep diving are Norwegians. Within the Seventies; they descended to greater than 300m to use oil fields. However the strategies weren’t developed and; underneath the seal of business secrecy; males performed guinea pigs; risking their lives and well being. That is what the film tells; in a account impressed by actual occasions Pioneer; of which Futura-Sciences is a companion. Launched in Norway in 2013; it will likely be broadcast in France from Wednesday; January 28.

Within the late Nineteen Sixties; Norway found off its shoreline necessary oil fields Y pure fuel. The exploitation is hard because of the distinguished depth. Prior the period of robotsThese are the lads whojournaltimee down to put in the pipes a number of hundred meters away; which has by no means been carried out. Many years later; a number of of those divers; affected by what they imagine to be aftermath The experimental strategies then employed introduced a lawsuit in opposition to the Norwegian state and 200 of them obtained financialjournaltimepensation in 2004.

Director Erik Skjoldbjaerg; editor ofInsomnia (movie launched in 1997 to be adopted by a Hollywood remake in 2002); was impressed by these occasions to immerse us within the film Pioneer; in a universe anxiousness between a field of [************************journaltimepression and the abyss. A diver; Pette; sees her brother die in a accident and he is accused of having made a mistake. But for him; the causes lie in the unknown and unknown effects of the gases and the methods used to sustain humans beyond 300m.

Lots of technique and risk to dive deep

Loss of consciousness; hallucinations Y epileptic attacks They seem to touch these pioneers; but the best interest of Norway prevails; which wants to be technically autonomous from Americanjournaltimepanies to bjournaltimee a rich country. Plus; it will. In the years that followed this episode; Norway; hitherto poor; became truly prosperous. It was not until 2005 that the extraction of Petroleum in these deposits begins to decrease; while that of the natural gas it is still progressing today.

To breathe in those depths; where the Pressure it is much higher than on the surface; it is necessary to use gas mixtures. The movie also talks about products. Psychotropic drugs to keep divers going. The Norwegians will descend as low as 500m in simulated diving; while the United Kingdom; which at the same time exploits similar deposits in the North Sea; will also suffer serious accidents.

We will then have to wait for the works of the Comexjournaltimepany; under the impulse of the French Henri-Germain Delauze; to make humans work at these depths. Mixes without azote journaltimepoundoxygen added tohydrogen (l’Hydrox); d ‘helium (Heliox) or both (Hydreliox). In 1992; Théo Mavrostomos reached 701 m in simulated diving in a caisson. But the progress of the robotic then it will leave Men on the surface.

It is this distant past that gives life Pioneer in a movie colors chills punctuated by the group’s electro music Air. Show that theoil extraction and you gas; deepening and increasingly difficult; requires taking risks …

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