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Connected sport is exploding!

Online sports sessions with a virtual reality screen or headphones; discussions included: Connected fitness devices and services have exploded since the beginning of the pandemic among athletes; deprived of the camaraderie of gyms.

Home gym sessions are nothing new. But they are spreading more and more on the Internet.

-A big part of the motivation to go to the gym is to share the pain of the effort (…). It creates bonds; –Jeremy Needham; from the domestic boxingjournaltimepany Liteboxer; told AFP at the technology and electronics fair (CES) in Las Vegas. “As we can no longer share the same physical space; at least not in real time; we have to do it virtually;” he explains.

Like otherjournaltimepanies that offer Internet-connected equipment; Liteboxer offers its customers to participate in trainings with other followers; or evenjournaltimepetitions among them; for a monthly subscription in addition to the $ 1;200 to pay to buy the machine that is fixed on a wall .

New sports-related technologies have emerged for several years; but the sector; such as onlinejournaltimemerce or teljournaltimemuting; has exploded during the pandemic.

“We have seen a proliferation of connected equipment; consumers have had to change the way they exercise;” observes in a report the organizing association of the show; the CTA. The market already weighed in at nearly $ 3.8 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow more than 10% again this year; the CTA predicts.

Buyers of these products “want to connect with other people online;” says Richard Kowalski; an analyst with the organization.

Release the energy

The connected rowing machine manufacturer Hydrow thus allows its customers tojournaltimement on the training sessions of other subscribers. Groups have also formed on social media.

“You start talking to someone else and suddenly you meet a group of six guys from all over the world; one in London; one in California; and it bjournaltimees yourjournaltimemunity;” Aquil Abdullah told AFP; which conducts trainings in network. system.

The machines; priced at $ 2;295; resemble a regular gym rowing machine; but also feature a screen that shows instructors navigating the water from Miami or London.

“Through these sports sessions; you buildjournaltimemunity; relationships;” said Mr. Abdullah; a member of the United States rowing team for the 2004 Olympics.

However; not everything is rosy for the sector. After being one of the big winners from the pandemic; apartment bicycle and treadmill maker Peloton has struggled on Wall Street since the group lowered its forecast in November: Some of its customers are returning to gyms.

Credit Suisse downgraded thejournaltimepany’s valuation; believing it would have to offer more discounts and increase marketing spending to keep growing. But since Omicron’s arrival; gym attendance has once again declined.

Ultimately; “health conscious consumers find it convenient to exercise at home; even when the gym reopens;” notes the CTA.

Sports enthusiasts need to vent even more; as the impact of Covid-19 at work; at school; on travel brings its share of stress. “The pandemic has forced us to stay indoors;” says Mr Needham of Liteboxer. -But the human body needs cardiovascular activity; that is a fact. You just have to find a motivating way (…) to release all your energy –.


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