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Express review: the test

Express review: the test

The exam

France: 2020
Director: Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud
Script: Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud; Noé Debré
Performers: Alexandra Lamy; Philippe Katerine; Matteo Perez
Distribution: Appolo Films
Duration: 1h19
Comedy genre
Release Date: Dec 29; 2021

Synopsis : Annie Castillon is happy. Her married life with Laurent is an example of harmony. His two oldest sons; Maximiliano and César; are bright and sensitive boys. And Poupi; her young adolescent; shoulder without everjournaltimeplaining in the upbringing of Antoine; the youngest son. On a weekend like any other; the discovery of a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom will destroy the beautiful harmony.

A chance discovery that changes your life!

Ah; here is a very nice little family! The father; Laurent Castillon; is a physician and his practice is located in the family home. The mother; Annie Castillon; is a housewife and she is happy to be one: her children are her whole life and it is in a very energetic and often very intrusive way that she conducts her little world. A small world of 4 children: there is Max; the oldest; a student who loves music and whose motto seems to be “To live happily; let’s live in hiding”; thenjournaltimees Cesar; who by dint of being too clingy with his girlfriend; leader of the scouts; is being abandoned; then came Pupi; who practices rhythmic gymnastics and helps her mother take care of the little ones; a minor named Antoine; who joined the family 10 years after Pupi. What a beautiful family; what a beautiful harmony; at least in appearance. But one day; Annie has the misfortune to find a positive pregnancy test in the family home’s trash can. Plague! What person could have done a test? Pupi? No; he’s too young; perhaps; to feel younger.) Laurent’s Patient: Unlikely as he is … a geriatrician! Caesar’s girlfriend? Or then; a conquest of this dungeon from Max? The problem is; it turns out that he has already had a lot of conquests; this scoundrel Max; and it takes a long time to know them!

Let’s not be pessimistic; let’s not waste time anathematizing ourselves: yes; it happens that thejournaltimeedies “Made in France” are at the same time funny; endearing; intelligent; instructive. In 2021; The division it was conclusive proof of this. The exam It is not at the same level of excellence but it is nevertheless a film whose viewing is very much enjoyed. A film written by 2 men and directed by a man who; thanks to the brilliant performance ofAlexandra Lamy in the role of Annie; she offers us a very accurate portrait of a modern woman in her late fifties. A woman so involved for years in her role as a mother that she forgot that she was also a wife and that she could continue to be a desirable woman without any problem. This woman; the consequences of her discovery of a positive pregnancy test willjournaltimepletely upset the balance she was pleased to have found to occupy her existence. Children? Well yes; it grows and therejournaltimees a time when they aspire; when they are successful; to be self-reliant. Her husband ? Let’s talk about your husband. Or; rather; let’s not talk about it; we leave you the surprise !! In the face of all this; why not let it go; finally; and it can go a long way? Beside’Alexandra Lamy; we find Philippe Katerine which shows that he can be very sober in the role of Laurent and a quartet of children played by promising young actors.


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