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Val d’Oise. Franconville: Pascale Boukerrou, world weightlifting champion

Pascale Boukerrou, of the Franconville Association of Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and Athletic Strength (Afhma) is the world champion of mastery in the M2 category of -71 kg (40-44 years).
Pascale Boukerrou; of the Franconville Affiliation of Weightlifting; Bodybuilding and Athletic Energy (Afhma) is the world champion of mastery within the M2 class of -71 kg (40-44 years). (© DR)

On Could 27; on the conclude of an excruciating wait; Pascale boukerrou it was sacred world champion weightlifting grasp between – 71 kg M2 (40-44 years).

Throughout this onlinejournaltimepetition; the member of theFranconville Athletic Energy; Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Affiliation (AFHMA) had damaged all its data; the day prior within the CSL of Franconville (Val d’Oise).

-The occasion took plot on the continental cabinets. I used to be instantly against the Europeans. The favourite was the British Rebekah Thompson; which was factual in fore of me. I began with lighter bars prior urgent it; –says Pascale; tied along with her major rival following the beginning (75 kg).

Three private data

-On the primary clear and swiftly try; he landed 92kg and I landed 88kg. He had a transparent benefit however then he requested for a bar that was too heavy —

Pascale boukerrou

Her rival misses 95 kg twice; whereas Thomas Colin’s protégé validates 92 then 93 kg and is forward of her by one kilo for a whole of 168 kg. Following her feat; the Valdoisienne needed to wait 36 ​​hours to satisfy her world rating.

The Canadian Apostoleris; chief of the American continent; weighing 165 kg; was world champion. Unbelievable following solely 4 years of weightlifting at a membership!

CrossFit fanatic

Pascale Boukerrou has practiced dance for 12 years after which health for 17 years prior shifting in the direction of crossFit. Thisjournaltimebination of athletic power; fitness center; cardio; and weight lifting led to her first weight lifting exercise. In 2017; François Sarigiannis invited her to connect Ahhma; who then sought tojournaltimeplete his girls’s group. Their deal led to 3 French championship titles and two High 9 podiums (elite championship by French groups).

A sacred connection

-Nonetheless; I believe not given up on CrossFit. Final  April I reached the semifinals of the Video games (equal to the World Cup) following ending 36me of the 140;000 contributors in my class –; Pascale specifies; who concludes by wejournaltimeing the efficiency of her colleague Mathilde Delachat; 4me within the Masters in Weightlifting (-64 kg M2); with 156 kg in whole (69 within the snatch and 87 kg within the clear and jerk) regardless of persistent knee dijournaltimefort.


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