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FOOTBALL – Benoît Sturbois: “We must hope to be much better”

The Portuguese coach from Amiens; Benoît Sturbois; returns without a tongue; in a difficult year 2021 for his team; and with the ambition to raise the bar in 2022.

You evoked a mental weakness after Breteuil’s matchIs that the main explanation you find in this roller coaster year?

No; there is a large mental part; but afterwards; the most important factor is efficiency; so it remains in the domain of technique. This is where we don’t necessarily make the last correct moves; the penultimate or last correct pass; the correct move to finish. This means that we do not take advantage of our opportunities.

And there is also the tactical side where we have great concerns; defensively and collectively. This will be the big job. We don’t defend enough together. This is a problem that the coach must know how to solve. We investigated it with Noureddine (Laroussi; editor’s note) for some time.

I think the main factor is a technical deficiency in an area where the demands do not allow it and also a tactical problem collectively in the defensive aspect. Now; the mental aspect continues to play an important role. Because when we are technically unable to finish the actions; when collectively we are not able to defend well together; we must know how to turn our backs; we must not rush when we score a goal. And unfortunately; when we take a goal; we have a bit of zero morale because we tell ourselves that; that is; it’s gone. So I would put this look in third position.

In terms of the projection for 2022; these are problems; for some in which solutions can be envisioned. Is there hope for the future; especially since the diagnosis has already been made?

Already; to be very honest; given the workforce that we have; we should expect to be much better in this championship. I take much of the responsibility for the more than mediocre results in the league. Knowing that the players will also have to take their share of responsibility; at some point. Because we must not forget that; if we make mediocre results in the League; we can; in the Cup; make great shots. And not just once. It is Vimy who we beat; it is Maubeuge; we know the result; we lose 2-1 with two goals against our camp; it is a 3-0 victory against Roye; R1… They are great performances. We cannot say that no work has been done.

FOOTBALL – Benoît Sturbois: “We must hope to be much better”
We will have to resolve some defensive concerns to depend less on a Demba Gningue requested at the start of the season

Now; we have identified problems; in 2022; we will work on that; hoping to keep what has already been acquired. Because if itjournaltimees to working on a game plan and losing what we have acquired to gain something else; I am not convinced that we are delaying it. We will focus on our weak points while we want to maintain continuity in what we were doing well. The diagnosis is made; the problem is real; we know where we must go to make progress. We will try to do so by asking the players for a maximum investment to; we will be very clear; save the club. Because there are 4 descents; the worst 8th or even the 2 worst 8th if there is a descent from N2; so we will have to be very careful.

If we have to speak objectively; will it therefore be to keep the Portuguese in R2?

So yeah; the main goal of finishing in the top 5; we’re going to put it aside. We will get to work to try to avoid this 8th place and therefore finish at least 7th. Later; it is true that we were talking about the first 5 seats; there 7; it is not very far; but what you really have to do is do everything possible to leave the club where it was this year. And then we’ll make a point to see how we operate next season. But we will really have to keep the club in R2; because with the squad that we have; the investment that the club is making; that the coaches are making; it would really be a disaster for the club to collapse.

Indicates collective problems. Does the fact of having had 6 difficult months at the beginning of the year partially explain the difficulty of creating a work group? Knowing that there have been changes in the squad.

In fact; even if we can’t hide behind it; the workforce had reorganized at the beginning of last season. We had started to find something and the championship stopped. The mobilization of players had been almost impossible during this period of covid; it wasjournaltimeplicated. We tried to recreate links when possible; starting in June; with new players as well. It is true that it did not help. Now; we are not going to hide behind that; we have had as much time as the other teams; neither more nor less; that they have probably also changed all or part of their squad. It is true that it is also a problem to make the mayonnaise when there are new players; but it is the luck of all the teams.

I deplore the large number of injuries we may have had. We have never been able to line up the same team two games in a row.

On the other hand; I regret the large number of injuries we have had. We have never been able to line up two games in a row to the same team; which is still remarkable; because the previous seasons cut by the covid have made players; organizations; not react the same. Even taking the utmost precautions not to put them in difficulties; athletically; it was difficult. Injuries can be a parameter on the fact that collective cohesion is not at its highest level; because we never line up the same teams. It is true that at the automation level it is a bitjournaltimeplicated.

If I ask you to find ajournaltimemon thread throughout the calendar year; I suppose it is quite difficult.

Exactly; we had 6 months where we didn’t play anything and 6 months where we just continued. Because we must not forget that with this new calendar; apart from the weekend of December 5 when it was canceled; we have played every weekend since the end of August. What has not happened with the equipment that I have been able to monitor for a long time. So no; there is nojournaltimemon thread. There is no longer logic in relation to the body that does not react in the same way. The players; by dint of chaining together like this; we feel like they are sticking out their tongues. It is really a special transition between soccer and football all the time. It’s a little bitjournaltimeplicated. But once again I want to repeat it because I do not want to hide behind him; it has been the day to day of all the teams; he is not exclusively linked to the Portuguese from Amiens. So if there are teams that manage to have results; it is because they probably did better in this period in which the staff found good levers for their team to perform well.

We are not out of this pandemic yet; as we are even in a recovery phase; are there any fears about this year?

Yes; I also work in the social sphere and that impacts us since we receive from the public. And what we mean in terms of thejournaltimeplication of the health situation is not good; it does not bode well. So I am not hiding from you that I am afraid. I already fear people’s health; which is the most important thing. And on the sporty side; there will be an impact anyway. Now at what level; I don’t know. All I hope is that it kills a lot less than the previous waves; we would like to say no; but it is almost impossible. We have to scratch our heads and ask ourselves questions because I think we run the risk of being shocked on the field of sport.

Benoît Sturbois has put on his crampons again this season; especially on the occasion of the feat against Vimy in the Coupe de France

Finally; what would be your best memory with the Portuguese this year?

It was the game against Vimy in which; in addition; he had participated. Beating an N3 by an R2 was still a great challenge. Seeing the fans; the managers; the players united; which is more for a victory when there wasn’t much in the league; did us good. Really; in that game against Vimy; I felt good things and it was very nice to see the happy people.

And the worst memory?

I’ll say what caught my attention the most in the wrong way. It is the absence of a player to a call for a game and that we had to start from 13. It is something that really marked me in the bad sense of the word.

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