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Athletic energy. Enormous perf of Arnaud Taupin, of Rai, with 202.5 kg within the squat

Arnaud Taupin lifting 202.5 kg to the squat
Arnaud Taupin lifting 202.5 kg to the squat (© Le Réveil Normand)

Two athletes from the athletic energy part of the Amicale laïque de Rai (Orne) contested the opening of Saint-Lô (Manche) Sunday June 20; 2021; first recoveryjournaltimepetition following months of confinement.

With the three actions; Arnaud taupin He did it very mighty at lower than 74kg senior. Within the squat (lifting the bar on the nape utilizing leg energy); he broke his document with 202.5 kg handed on his third try; having lifted 175 kg; then 190 kg. That is a 27.5 kg development from first steps of October 2020!

With the bench press (pushing the bar with the energy of the arms; mendacity on a bench); embarrassed by a insignificant ache within the accurate pectoral; he needed to to accept something even though it’s not what you want or need. 140 kg within the 2me take a look at; solely 147.5 kg to threeme take a look at; which might maintain competent in France on this plod. That is only a postponement.

Arnaud lifts 230kg deadlift on his second attempt
Arnaud lifts 230kg deadlift on his second try (© Le Réveil Normand)

Within the deadlift (lifting the bar off the ground by lifting the bust); once more; Arnaud is successful; lifting 237.5 kg on his final  try; or 27.5 kg greater than in October; a document damaged.

Which supplies him a entire of all three strikes at 580kg; bettering him by 55kg from the final  time. With such a entire that at present locations him in 2nd spot within the Nationwide; Arnaud is barely 20 kg away from the 600 kg wanted tojournaltimepete within the French championships; which will probably be his purpose for subsequent season. By coaching significantly as much as 4 instances per week; he’s able to doing it.

Finallyjournaltimemitted to the bench press alone; Bernard Geffroy; membership coach; reaches 100 kg; then 107.5 kg at 3me attempt following failing 2me; which classifies it as Regional in lower than 83 kg grasp 2 (over 50 years). With the alike entire; it will likely be Nationwide in a single 12 months; when it passes the grasp 3 (greater than 60 years); a marvelous goal to grasp into consideration.

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