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Story courtesy of International Polo Club Palm Beach.

The first final at the start of the 2022 season in the US Polo Assn. The field of the International Polo Club Palm Beach (Wellington, Florida) had an exciting ending, as Beverly Polo (Bill Ballhaus, Lucas Diaz Alberdi, Jorge “Tolito” Ocampo Jr., Hilario Figueras) Lucas Diaz Alberdi scored the winning goal in extra time to defeat La Fe (Lucas Escobar *, Robi Bilbao, Francisco Elizalde, Louis Devaleix) 11-10 and win the Iglehart Cup.

Beverly Polo managed to seize early penalty opportunities to claim an early lead, but the determined La Fe struggled in the second half to briefly take the lead. However, La Fe found itself in foul trouble, with Beverly Polo’s Ocampo Jr. hitting three consecutive penalties, helping his team reach overtime and a thrilling victory.

Lucas Díaz Alberdi of Beverly Polo keeps his eyes fixed on the ball with Lucas Escobar of La Fe in close pursuit.

Lucas Díaz Alberdi of Beverly Polo keeps his eyes fixed on the ball with Lucas Escobar of La Fe in close pursuit.

Ocampo Jr. put Beverly Polo on the board early in the game in a penalty 2 conversion, while Bilbao and Devaleix responded in quick succession for La Fe. Opening the second chukker with another penalty goal from Ocampo Jr. , Beverly Polo took control of the rest of the chukker when Díaz Alberdi scored his first of the match, followed by back-to-back goals from Ocampo Jr. The closely-even teams exchanged goals in the third as Beverly Polo emerged with a 6-3 lead in the break.

Louis Devaleix of Le Fe prepares his shot.

Le Fe team owner Louis Devaleix prepares for a backstroke shot.

La Fe, which recovered from a hard-fought first half, was able to come back in the fourth with three unanswered goals, including one from Bilbao and two from Elizalde, to equalize the score 6-6. Figueras briefly regained the lead as Beverly Polo started the fifth but was unable to score again for the chukker recall. Despite an injury to La Fe team owner Devaleix, at 7:12, he was able to stay in the game, allowing Escobar to carry Le Fe’s momentum forward and find the scoreboard with consecutive goals to get an 8-7 lead.

Most Valuable Player Jorge

Most Valuable Player Jorge “Tolito” Fernández Ocampo Jr. Presented by George Dupont, Executive Director of the Polo Museum and Hall of Fame.

Struggling to maintain the lead in the final chukker of the game, Le Fe found himself in foul trouble, allowing Ocampo Jr. to score three consecutive goals from the penalty line for Beverly Polo. Losing once again, the strong play of Escobar and Bilbao allowed Le Fe to score the two crucial goals required and force the game into extra time. Sealing the close battle, Díaz Alberdi scored the golden goal to crown Beverly Polo the 2022 Iglehart Cup champion.

The Most Valuable Player went to Jorge “Tolito” Ocampo Jr., who finished the day with eight goals, while Francisco Elizalde’s nine-year-old chestnut mare, Taita Milesima (Open Illuminado x Ellerstina Illusionada), played in the fourth chukker, as Best Play. Pony.

* Lucas Escobar is an active member of the USPA team. The USPA Team is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young and talented American players and providing guided training and play opportunities leading to a group of amateur players. and top-qualified professionals and the resulting pay to the sport of polo.

All photos courtesy of © David Lominska.