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Robert Marzac, a little perched anyway

Robert Marzac, a little perched anyway

Robert Marzac won his 23rd French pole vault title at the end of September in Albi. Insatiable; the former school teacher does not intend to stay there.

Arnault varanne

But where will it stop? Does he know it himself? At the age when others squat at bridge tables; he’s crazy about long necklaces. Inside or outside; it doesn’t matter. Robert Marzac will be 73 in a month and a half; but the flame is still intact. His thing is the pole vault; of which he has won the title of champion of France in … twenty-three times. The last time in Albi; on September 26; with a jump to 2.20m. “Competitions start and end low at my age;” laughs Bonnimatois. In fact; I go tojournaltimepetitions to see my friends. “ The secretary of the Amis de l’athlétisme de la Vienne also found an excellent pretext to travel by motorhome with his wife; Françoise. Austria; Finland; Italy; Turkey

… The couple accumulate the milestones and Robert the records.two meat the European Indoor Championships in 2005; 3 mein 2007; 8 me World Cup 2015 … The former school teacher writes everything down in a notebook; carefully. He participated in 31 French championships; 14 -Europe–; 9 World Championships. And above all; it still maintains“The French record of 45-50 years indoors” . It was in 1998; in Bordeaux; he crossed a bar at 3.60 m.“The rest will be written in the stadiums” Retirees abound; slowed down by Covid but determined to chart their course as an athlete. Finally; once the carpal tunnel had been operated on; on the right wrist.

-The other is done. “

Finland in 2022 In his box of memories; the chauvinés of birth and graduate of the EPA 86 remembers almost everything. Starting with his self-taught beginnings at the Madeleine de Poitiers stadium; when he was still just a student. “I learned to jump alone; with a metal pole at that time …” For a long time; the athlete varied the pleasures; gorging himself on decathlons. You know these ten Stakhanovistic trials that will be chained for two days. Poitou Senior Champion … 1969 stopped at 69. Or a few weeks earlier he detected a small heart problem that nearly arrested him.

-They put four stents on me. The cardiologist first forbade me tojournaltimepete before allowing me to do so after six months. Fortunately ! ” His next goal is set: to participate in the world championships in Tampere; Finland; in June 2022. In the meantime; he will continue his training; based among other things on interval training sessions.“Every three days in the forest” . -Pole vault is not veryjournaltimeplicated; you need speed; coordination and a little courage. “

What does happiness have to do with it?

It also appeared in Australia and South Korea.

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