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Cartri embarks on pickleball and beach tennis

We were talking about it recentlyCartri arrives with great news in 2022; including the launch of two new markets: pickleball and beach tennis.

Present for 6 years in the paddle tennis market; Cartri has ambitions in racket sports. After having equipped the tennis players in the clothing and accessories part; Cartri now tackles two other sports: beach tennis and pickleball.

The former is a popular sport in many countries; and many paddle tennis players are known to like it. The second is especially appreciated in the United States and as the CEO of Cartri Antonio Martins told us; it is increasingly present in Europe.

The opportunity therefore for your firm to transfer your experience in paddle tennis to these other two disciplines.
As you can see; the Shield; a very versatile paddle tennis racket; now has its pickleball and beach tennis versions. For the rest; these are all new models; as you can see below:


Cartri Pickleball Shovels

Beach tennis

Cartri Palas beach tennis

Stay tuned because very soon; we will present all the new Cartri padel rackets for 2022!

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