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The first day of the rest of Klay Thompson’s career | NBA

January 9; 2022 will forever remain in Dub Nation’s mind; as “Klay Day.” The day that klay thompsonOne of the foundations of the Warriors dynasty; it marked his return after two and a half years in purgatory to treat first a knee injury that occurred in June 2019 and then a torn Achilles heel in October 2020.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the first “Splash Brother” basket; which came with a tricky float on the Warriors’ first possession; or its first award-winning shot; which came just before half-time. Klay Thompson to end the game against the Cavaliers with 17 points on 18 shots in 20 minutes of play; showing that he was physically and mentally prepared to help the Warriors; again with the best record in the league with 30 wins and 9 losses.

Finish the darkest chapter of Klay Thompson’s career

However; the impact of this return goes beyond the field and the athlete. Steve Kerr had also found the right words before the match to describe what the return of Klay Thompson represents.

-Tonight is the opportunity to show him all our respect for what he has had to go through in the last two years and express all the love we have for him; and I know that our fans will give him the standing ovation he deserves. »; Explained the coach.

Thisjournaltimeeback was above all a celebration of a player who last night crossed the finish line of the longest and most arduous race in which he had to participate. The party had kicked off on Saturday when he officially announced his return with his teammates Stephen Curry and Draymond Green at the helm; posting numerous messages on social media to share his excitement and ask fans to share their best memories of Klay Thompson. . It was also the players who took the initiative to arrive at the Chase Center wearing their teammates’ jerseys and doing the same during pregame shooting practice.

Then the fans took over. While the Chase Center usually fills up a few minutes before the start of the game; there were several thousand of them that night eagerly awaiting the first appearance of their beloved. His arrival on the field for his warm-up was ajournaltimepanied by an ovation and shouts of joy from each of his baskets.

“I was doing my warm-up when he took to the field and I could feel the energy of the fans.” telling Stephen Curry. -During his first four baskets I had the impression that the game had started because the fans were crazy. “

-I will never forget the reception from the fans. It was not as special as winning the title but it was very close “

The Warriors also had several videos planned but it is the one just before the players’ presentation that made the sauce jump. Stephen Curry; normally last called during the teams’ presentation; had decided to make way for his -Splash Brother– to bring him this unforgettable moment.

“It was special; it was his moment”; Curry explained. -It was the perfect time to celebrate the end of this obstacle course and the transition to the court. I have goose bumps. “

Present in the room; we can confirm that the Chase Center has never been so loud; so electric; since it opened two and a half years ago.

-I have been imagining this moment for years. I am very grateful for the standing ovation and the love that the fans have given me. I will never forget to host the fans. It was not as special as winning the title but it was very close –; Klay Thompson enjoyed it. -I will never forget tonight. I am very proud of my perseverance. “

For the All-Star back; it was all the little details that made the difference tonight too; like seeing his name on the stat sheet. ” I’m so glad to look at the stat sheet and see my name on it; you can’t imagine. »

Everybody loves Klay Thompson

If Stephen Curry is the system; the MVP and Draymond Green the soul of the Warriors; Klay Thompson has a different connection to the Dub Nation. For Steve Kerr; his special relationshipjournaltimees from his authenticity.

-He’s been there from the beginning; he grew up here; he won three titles; he gave the fans their best memories. He is one with the fans –; describe the technician. -It’s genuine; it’s Klay; just and everyone appreciates it. They see him with his dog; they see him in his boat. He doesn’t cheat and everyone loves it. “

This connection isn’t limited to Warriors fans. Throughout the day; the basketball world paid tribute to Klay Thompson. Opponents; leaders; fans; everyone loves “Splash Brother”.

-He is a champion and; at the same time; one of the most humble players in the league. He never makes waves; plays hard and wins “; Eric described us; a Lakers fan present tonight at the Chase Center; to see the return of Klay Thompson. -He could have gone and taken a maximum contract; but he chose to stay with the team that he helped build. He is one of the best shooters in history. It is very difficult not to love him. “

Injured; Draymond Green plays for a few seconds …

Only problem of the night; the absence of Draymond Green who had to leave after having felt dijournaltimefort in his calf during his warm-up. The strong winger still started the match; before making a mistake in the first few seconds to go out; to pay tribute to his teammate.

A gesture that moved Klay Thompson. -Draymond is a selfless person and I am glad that he was on the field even for a few seconds; that means a lot to me. We experienced it all together and I can’t wait to play with him again. “

The ‘Splash Brother’ wanted to thank after the meeting. He took the time to thank everyone who helped him get back to this level. He also recalled the difficult times he endured. Moments that made this evening even more beautiful.

-When you break an Achilles ligament or heel; it takes time to rebuild your muscles and naturally you wonder if you are going to be the same; if you are going to have the same physical capabilities. I am very happy to be able to play again. It’s something I’ve loved since I was a kid. “

And if there is one lesson Klay Thompson should learn from all this time; it is one of hope and perseverance. ” There is always light at the end of the tunnel He says nodding his head.

On January 9 all the spotlights were on Klay Thompson to witness the first day of the rest of his career.

Interview and videos filmed in San Francisco.

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