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SHOOTING SPORTS: The Creusotines of Les Tireurs also support the Telethon

It was during a joyful meeting but with barrier gestures that the present Steering Committee members of the Creusot Shooting Society presented Guy Arnoud; the president of the WHO on behalf of the leaders of the local AFM; a check for 500 €; a raffle was opened just before the national Telethon operation to raise funds from members of the STC.
Despite the masks in the group present; we recognize; of course; Guy Arnoud; President of the Municipal Sports Office of the City of Le Creusot; Philippe Bagnard; President of the STC; Jean Paul Coussot; Vice President of the WHO and the STC; Léo Nay; 2nd year STAPS student at Le Creusot; licensedjournaltimepetition shooter at the Decize de Nièvre club; Léo works on certain topics related to his studies with the STC club shooters; present the champions Lolita and Nesrine-Sarah recently integrated into the Espoirs Cadets Nationaux groups; their coach François Bony also Léo’s tutor; the almostjournaltimeplete Aubague and Bechelaghem families; the crossbowmen represented by Alain Denis.

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