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What to expect from the cryptocurrency market now?

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the bitcoin; suffered a drop of more than 4.5% on Monday; falling to $ 39;712. Although the cryptocurrency then recovered slightly and moved above $ 40;000 again; several experts warn that a downtrend is expected in this market in the short term.

Not only bitcoin; but also ether; bnb and Solana lost 5% of their value on Monday; Forbes reports.

In an interview with Bloomberg; the managing director of investment firm Infrastructure Capital Advisors; Jay Hatfield; said: – Cryptocurrencies are likely to remain under pressure as the Federal Reserve [la Réserve fédérale américaine] reduce your cash injections “And predicts that bitcoin” could end 2022 below $ 20;000«. « The tightening of Fed policy affects not only interest rates; but also the equity risk premium; as the Fed withdraws funds from capital markets. Riskier investments; such as unprofitable technologies; stock market memes; and cryptocurrencies; are disproportionately affectedjournaltimepared to the rest of the market; as these investments are roughly twice as volatile as the general market; so they carry a premium. risk twice as high as average. values-Explained the investor.

Billionaire Mike Novogratz; CEO of Galaxy Digital; told CNBC last Thursday that he was ” not nervous [au sujet de la valeur du bitcoin] medium term“; adding however that” we are going to have a lot of volatility in the next few weeks«.

Regardless; the Goldman Sachs forecast revealed last week that the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies will see Bitcoin continue to increase its market share at the expense of gold; a fact that will allow the price of the digital currency to continue to grow until reaching $ 100;000.

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