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Alpine ski program January 8 and 9, 2022

After a controversial revival in Croatia in the middle of the week; the events continue with a legendary stage for the men; who meet in Switzerland in Adelboden. The women will go to Slovenia; to Maribor; which takes up the events originally planned for Kranjska Gora. Here is the alpine ski program for January 8 and 9; 2022!

The giant; Adelboden’s benchmark for the alpine skiing program January 8 and 9; 2022

The stage from Adelboden to Program All specialists expect alpine skiing on January 8 and 9; 2022 every year at the same time. Faced with a large crowd (almost 50;000 people during normal hours) and a festive atmosphere; the Swiss weekend is a reference that all skiers appreciate. With a Giant and a Slalom tojournaltimepete; thejournaltimepetition will be intense and contested.

For the gigantists; the mecca of the specialty

The image of the entrance to the end wall of the Adelboden giant; as if the skier were jumping into the unknown; is an emblem of alpine skiing. A plunge into the fans; piled high in the arrival air; that gives all ski fans the chills! a victory in


Leader of the general classification of the Alpine Skiing World Cup; as well as of the classification of the specialty with 3 successes in 4 races; the Swiss Marco Odermatt presents himself as the great favorite before his public. Full of confidence; be it downhill; Super-G and giant; Odermatt will be the man to take down this Saturday. But who can take down the leader? The density behind the Swiss skier is great. To start with Alexis Pinturault. In difficulties this season; the Frenchman will seek to resurface and above all find the level that led him to the great balloon of the general classification last season. Also to watch is Henrik Kristoffersen; the only one to knock Odermatt down this season; sided with Alta Badia. With 2 podiums to his credit; Manuel Feller will also be able to claim a new box this weekend. Also don’t underestimate the French world champion; Mathieu Faivre or the Croatian Filip Zubcic. An endless list; but logical considering that 8 different skiers in 4 races achieved a podium. A great fight in the alpine ski program on January 8 and 9; 2022 at the Adelboden resort tojournaltimee!

A slalom to conclude the Adelboden weekend

After the giant on Saturday morning; slalom arrives on Sunday. After the fiasco in Zagreb; the slalomists will want to regain their taste forjournaltimepetition on a much better prepared track.

Many contenders for victory

The Adelboden slalom in the alpine ski program on January 8 and 9; 2022 is as eventful as the giant of the previous day. With its wall that marks the difference between skiers; expect a show of all beauty among the favorites. Without Madonna di Campiglio’s fault; Clément Noël would have 2 hits in 2 races. But slalom is a discipline that requires concentration from the first to the last gate. Dominator in France; then dominator in Italy without reaching the end of the race; the Frenchman will start as a favorite in Switzerland. Also watch out for Norwegian world champion Sebastian Foss-Solevaag; who will also be a big favorite in this race. Winner in Italy; the Norwegian seems uninhibited and stronger in the head. Then Sweden’s Kristoffer Jakobsen will have to confirm his progress from the start of the season. With 2 podiums obtained; Jakobsen will want to hang a first victory on his record. Winner twice at this track; the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen will want to make the pass of 3 (but will stay away from the starter; Marcel Hirscher; winner on 5 occasions). Skiers like Daniel Yule; Alex Vinatzer; Marco Schwarz and Alexis Pinturault will seek to join the wrestling during this slalom; which will be an event like every year. And given the number of skiers capable of reaching the podium; the battle promises to be intense.

Address Maribor for women

Same alpine ski program January 8 and 9; 2022 for both women and men on the Maribor side with a giant and an organized slalom. Initially planned for Kranjska Gora; the events will; however; remain in Slovenia.

Strongjournaltimepetition like a giant

With her 2 victories this season in the discipline; Mikaela Shiffrin will be the number one favorite this Saturday morning. The American; who this Tuesday returned to thejournaltimepetition in Zagreb after testing positive for covid; will look for a 3the success; on a track where she was victorious in 2019. But Petra Vlhova has no intention of letting the Colorado native win like this. Back in the race for the general classification of the World Cup with her last successes (the last one in Zagreb); the Slovakian wants to take advantage of the current confidence. Like Tessa Worley. Winner of the Lienz giant between holidays; the French will want to express her technique on a track where; like Shiffrin and Vlhova; she won; it was in 2017. We must not forget also the Swedish Sara Hector. Winner this season with also 2 podiums; Héctor has passed a milestone this season. Otherjournaltimepetitors such as Marta Bassino or Ramona Siebenhofer could also interfere in the first positions. With such density; it’s hard to find a big favorite for the alpine ski program on January 8-9; 2022.

Petra Vlhova above the lot in slalom

4 wins in 5 races; and a 2at By contrast; Petra Vlhova’s slalom course this season is close to perfection. A domination that forces the respect of its adversaries. The Slovakian will logically be the favorite; but watch out for the rest of thejournaltimepetitors. Starting with Mikaela Shiffrin. The American is no longer as dominant as she used to be; but her talent is well established in this discipline. Tojournaltimeplete the trio of favorites; Katharina Liensberger will also want to join in the party. World champion in 2021 (in Cortina d’Ampezzo); the Austrian will seek to win her 1is success this season. Behind this trio; who made up the Zagreb podium last Tuesday; Switzerland’s Wendy Holdener looks the most likely to undermine this trio; along with fellow Swiss Michell Gisin. Another new duel in the alpine ski program on January 8 and 9; 2022 that will keep ski fans on edge.

A spectacular alpine ski program on January 8 and 9; 2022; which kicks off the final stretch of preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games; just over a month to go!

Alpine ski program:

Saturday; January 8; 2022:

  • Giant man in Adelboden at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • Maribor Giant Woman at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM

Sunday; January 9; 2022:

  • Men’s Slalom in Adelboden at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm
  • Maribor Women’s Slalom at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM

The races will be followed on the channels of the Eurosport group

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