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VIDEO. The legend of the cursed car that killed James Dean on a California highway in 1955



VIDEO.  The legend of the cursed car that killed James Dean on a California highway in 1955

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A fatal car accident on the highway to Salinas elevates a young American movie star to the status of a world myth. And the curse of the Porsche 550 Spyder continues to fuel the rumors … Excerpt from the magazine “8:30 pm on Saturday” issued on January 9; 2022; just after the newspaper of France 2.

That day; American actor James Dean was driving down a California highway in his brand-new gray Porsche 550 Spyder; which he nicknamed “Little Bastard.” The 24-year-old star; who just finished shooting the movie. Giant; goes to a car race in Salinas; North Hollywood; in which he wants to participate. This September 30; 1955 will never reach its destination …

“A car [une Ford Sedan] driven by a young student will regrettably give it priority “; explains the automotive specialist Laurent Schmidt to the magazine “20:30 on Saturday“(repeat). Philippe Besson; author of the fictional biography Live fast (ed. 10/18); specifies: “The two vehicles collide and the Spyder crashes a bit more into a telegraph pole. It dies almost instantly …”

“The idea that an angel cannot die”

“We know he was driving fast; but not at full speed; says the writer. Probably around 100 kilometers per hour. In a way; it’s a pretty silly accident. And suddenly; it bjournaltimees a legend. The guy changes in a few hours from ‘I’m a star’ to ‘I’m a myth.’ The remains of this car are worth gold; but it is the beginning of strange events: “Each part of the car will create other accidents …” says Laurent Schmidt.

-The people who buy the motor are going to have an accident. Other people buy tires that are going to blow out; causing an accident; he adds. People are almost starting to believe it. “ A curse story begins; analyzed by Philippe Besson: “I guess we needed to feed the legend. It’s the idea that an angel can’t die; so there has to be some dark force at work. The Porsche Spyder necessarily has to carry a curse because there was only that which could bring it down.” Angel. “

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