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Here is the poster that would be the most sporty

Some people have unlimited energy to channel and swear by physical exertion. For them; exercise is a fundamental and vital need. And usually; they were born between March 21 and April 20; under the sign of Aries.

In fact; this Fire sign is the sportiest of the Zodiac; says astrocoach Nathalie Marcot. And for good reason; aside from the fact that it is associated with the element of Fire; it is ruled by Mars; the planet ofjournaltimepetition;journaltimebat; and war.

Not to mention that it is a cardinal sign; that is to say that it is at the beginning of a season; here spring. In astrology; this mode corresponds to dynamism; strength; and momentum.

quintessential action sign

Bold and fearless; Aries needs to “go beyond himself and defeat the other.” -He likes movement and challenging himself. It is the sign of action par excellence–. Hungry for adrenaline; he often practices -exciting sports; where there is speed. You need to move.”

So-called “soft” activities; such as yoga; therefore very little for him. Aries will generally turn to car racing; but also tojournaltimebat sports; or even biathlon; the specialist specifies; also an expert in inner connection and relationship.

Another great athlete: the Lion

Another sign known for being sporty: Leo. This sign; also belonging to the Fire element; “wants to prove to himself that he is capable of surpassing himself; but also to show others that he can do it and that he is the best”; choosing most of the time; like Aries; Sports individuals.

The natives of this sign “hate to lose and want at all costs to be on the first step of the podium”. Ruled by the Sun; Leo “likes to shine and show off.” It is not ujournaltimemon to find him on a golf or tennis course as he enjoys “prestigious sports”.

Unlike his horned counterpart; he “has more control and less impulsiveness because he’s a fixed sign.” He is also a fan of -boxing and running–; adds the astrocoach; who holds a chain Youtube.

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