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Readers speak | Quebec on the move, part 1

While indoor group sports are on hiatus; how do you stay active and motivated? Truth be told; we expected a good response from you; but we were filled with great stories; suggestions; and photos. We read it all. But we have received so much mail that we have decided to present your testimony to you in two parts. So without further ado; here is the first one!

Pro tricks

Cycling like in the middle of summer without contact!

With the return of cold temperatures and the persistence of COVID; the Zwift online cycling platform makes it possible to ride a bike with any athlete in the world. Pedal in conditions close to reality with total safety in thejournaltimefort of our homes. There is a Facebook group of more than 6;000 members in Quebec; JZQC (Je Zwift Quebec); a place where you can find outings practically every day of all levels; distances and slopes; essential to pass the COVID period for any cyclist.

Pierre Heynemand


Outside; happiness

We have been retired for almost 10 years. We settled in the municipality of Lac-Supérieur. This region offers us a great playground; we practice cross-country skiing in the magnificent Domaine St-Bernard and in the Mont-Tremblant park. The hiking trails allow us to vary our walks according to their degree of difficulty and the distance to be covered. Mount Nixon; Centennial; Argent mountain; Verte mountain; the trails of the Grande Boucle Tremblant; Intercentre are all close by. It is possible to skate on our lake; where good Samaritans cleaned a rink. We also do alpine skiing in the Mont Tremblant station and to be able to be with our four and a half year old granddaughter; we also have our Les Sommets pass in Mont Saint-Sauveur. Therefore; we can take advantage of the winter to see our loved ones outside; practicing distancing. The day sometimes ends with a small glass of wine around the fire in the open air. It gives us a lot of inner heat.

Louise Lalonge

75 minutes; 3 times a week

Tuesday; Thursday; Saturday; it rings at home. She is there; my friend; to walk. Seventy-five minutes of walking in the open air; three times a week; sun; snow or rain; since October 2020. This allows structure; health and the opportunity to discuss Opinions of Press of the day!

Miriam grassby


Snowboarding and snowshoeing; hiking with my dog! I am a winter baby born in February… My husband and our son; born in January! It’s the best season and Bear totally agrees. Since the pandemic; after physical activities; fire allows us to get together with friends and neighbors; much to the delight of the puppy!

Brigitte Pinsonneault

Ice rink on the lake

Being installed in the chalet since December 20; we made a great family skating rink on the lake; with our children who have bjournaltimee adults. First a square; adorned with a ring to avoid turning. We are envious around the lake. Also with our multiple acres in the mountains; our snowshoe trails cater to all tastes. Not to mention the walks in the snow. Even the dog finds his account. The Christmas gift exchange with the grandparents took place this year around the fire; with small bites and a good Quebec gin. They are very beautiful moments that we appreciate very much in this difficult moment.

Martine sauve

jogging at work

I am a nurse and therefore very busy. I run to and from work every day except when I’m on call. So I have time for myself and also for my daughters when theyjournaltimee home. I run summer and winter; because the seasons are magnificent! There is no such thing as bad weather to be outside. You just have to dress well! I never feel like I have enough energy to give up; but after a few minutes I feel good and my stress subsides. My career is magnificent and even after several years; I never tire of it!

Sara bachand

virtual karate

My daughters and I will continue our karate lessons online with the excellent Samurai studio. Cross-country skiing; slides and winter rides await you with your dad. The pandemic and confinement do not change much; we practice physical and sports activities more independent than organized. At home; we do not move; we are active!

Vero Marchand

class B

For the past five years; I have offered b. class to a group of amazing women. In person; the energy he provides is incredible. While I wait for the return to normality; I offer the program virtually. A passion that has bjournaltimee so essential to the balance of my life that I want to share and discover it for everyone. Yes; it is physical training; but it is much more than that! It is a moment for us; a break from a busy routine; a letting go that frees the mind; an urge to move freely as if no one is watching. The beauty of b. class is that it bjournaltimees so addictive that you no longer need motivation to want to be active. Does that pique your curiosity? Follow us on our Facebook page La b. class-Quebec. You absolutely have to try it!

Guylaine Bonicalzi

Urban cross-country skiing

We try to run when the pavement is not too icy and this year; we buy cross-country skis! To Montreal! In our magnificent parks Maisonneuve; Pointe-aux-Prairies; Boucherville. We are really spoiled! We hope the weather is nice too. Otherwise; last year I did Zumba classes and cardio weight training online with our teacher who used to train us in the gym before. She continues to do this and even sends us the videos to catch up when we are available; and all for free. Really nice. There are a lot of great ways to stay active; when I don’t feel like it; at least I go out and walk around the neighborhood. Good shape !

Hassina Ainouche

Half an hour is enough

Hi; I’ve always had this urge to be outside and be active; whatever the season. So for me; COVID (and it still makes me ujournaltimefortable to admit it); it doesn’t affect me. Every day; I go out. I also learned to appreciate shorter days and darkness by going out on weekdays in winter. Sometimes I go for a walk with one of my boys; sometimes I go for a run. It is not necessary to go out for an hour; half an hour is enough to ventilate my lungs; to regain my energy; to sleep better at night. If I go a few days without doing it; I can feel it in my mood. It’s magic.

valerie laurin

Biking on chubby tires along the Lachine Canal

hi i practice fat bike; or bicycle with large; stubby tires; regularly for five years. I live in Pointe-Saint-Charles; right across the Lachine canal; near the old Northern Electric. I just have to cross Saint-Patrick on foot and I get on my saddle and head east up the canal to Old Montreal; or west to Lachine … I can create a big loop for myself; because a lot of the canal it is snow-free in winter by small crawler tractors. I use the Lachine Canal on days when I don’t feel like taking the car to practice my sport. Normally; I practice my sport at the Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka and at Chanteclerc on Mont Loup-Garou; where I have my annual pass. Sometimes during the winter; I go to Quebec to Sentiers du Moulin and Empire 47; which are my two favorite places because of the level of difficulty of the trails.

I do more than 50 outings per winter; because my work schedule allows me to have free time during the week. the fat bike it is a continuation of mountain biking which is my first passion. I often run short 5km in warm-up mode on the Lachine Channel and then at home do functional strength training exercises with a balance board (Extreme Balance Board and Skill Board) for my legs and upper body. of the body They are two very practical tools since the gym is currently closed in the building where I live. After my training; I am ready to attack the mountains with my fat bike or the channel. At 51 years old; yes; I am in excellent physical and mental condition and all this sport gives me incredible well-being; because physical activity generates a lot of endorphin and lowers our cortisol levels. I like to play this sport alone and in a small group when I need to socialize. I never use things to measure my speeds; beat time with apps like Diet to try to break records. My activity is based on pleasure and the feeling of being amazed at being in nature and being able to release this energy.

eric beauchemin

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