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Bontrager GR2 gravel shoe review

Bontrager GR2 gravel shoe review

The GR2s aren’t new to Bontrager since they were launched in spring 2020. It’s a model designed for gravel riding with an emphasis onjournaltimefort and efficiency; whatever the terrain. .

Shoes that are in the mid-range; at a price of € 150 and provided with a drawstring. They are available in two colors; black and gold. Bontrager promises it; the GR2 shoe can handle uneven terrain with ease thanks to the unmatched grip and traction of its outsole; allowing it to stay stable on a variety of surfaces.

Ajournaltimeposite sole that focuses onjournaltimefort rather than stiffness. Verdict after more than 500 km of gravel use.


Therefore; the GR2 are shoes with laces to tighten. These are the first gravel lace up shoes I have ever worn.

They present a synthetic leather upper part that is quite perforated over its entire surface. A thin and very flexible upper that should in fact allow for goodjournaltimefort; as it should be able to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot. The tongue is relatively thick; enough in any case to allow you to tighten the laces tightly without fear of pressure points on the top of the foot.

Bontrager has equipped it with strong GnarGuard rubber reinforcements at the heel and toe of the shoe; which should give them good durability over time. Bontrager built the GR2s with the inForm Pro frame that offers a bit more room for morejournaltimefort.

A hanging loop at the back allows the shoe to be hung up for quick drying. The lace-up fit may seem at first glance; but whenjournaltimepared to single-disc BOA solutions; it can make more sense with a more even fit in my opinion. Even more so in gravel shoes intended for adventure and travel; where performance takes a back seat.

These are elastic laces. There is an additional elastic loop that allows you to store the laces so that they do not sag; at the risk of getting caught in the trays.

The soles are made of Bronze series nylonjournaltimeposite; offering a level of stiffness of 6 out of 14. We are far from hyper-rigid soles; but we see it in road bikes where the trend is towards bikes a little more flexible; stiffness has its limits.

When you spend hours on the bike; sometimes it is better to have a little more flexibility to bejournaltimefortable. The system is; of course; SPDjournaltimepliant.

The Tachyon rubber outsole should provide excellent grip on all types of terrain. There are two large screw-in crampons on the forefoot.

If you can find very high-end gravel shoes on the market that exceed € 300; many cyclists will not want to put such a sum in gravel shoes that will obviously suffer much more than road models. In this sense; the price positioning of these GR2 seems quite acceptable to me; with 150 €.

I weighed my prints in size 43 to 360 g each. These are not the lightest of course; but that is not the purpose of this product.

On the roads and on the gravel

Slight defect in the laces; you will have to take your time to properly adjust the shoes before going out; since it will be impossible to check the fit while driving afterwards. This is to take into account and it is better to do things well before the start and be careful to tighten the lacing throughout the length of the foot.

When pedaling; we felt a slight flexibilityjournaltimepared to road shoes or even ultra-stiff gravel shoes. But I honestly thought it had a more contrasting feeling. It is more flexible; but without really giving the impression of having a vulgar shoe in which the watts would evaporate. No; it is a fairjournaltimepromise between stiffness and flexibility.

On intense rides with friends who want to run; this can be penalizing; but on quieter rides; even less stiffness can be appreciated. After trips of more than 3 hours; this flexibility is a real pleasure.

A feeling that is confirmed when riding; when it is no longer possible to stay on the bike. The sole allows you to walk with ease and you don’t really feel a hard point even on the metatarsals.

In terms of ventilation; the GR2 are certainly not the most ventilated shoes. I couldn’t test them above 22 ° C; but the airflow is barely present at foot level even at high speed. What could be a defect; on the other hand; turns out to be an advantage in rainy conditions and when the cold occurs.

Even having walked through puddles and mud; very little water got in and I kept my socks relatively dry. The opportunity to see also that even in the mud; the grip of the sole is good and the evacuation of the mud quite correct thanks to the large spaces between the crampons. On the other hand; pebbles can sometimesjournaltimee and stay there.

Unlike some models; even after 4+ hours of gravel I was in no rush to remove them; which is still a good sign. And even after your shoes are grated against the stones; no trace remains; the GR2s really feel built to last.


If you are looking for ajournaltimefortable; simple and; at first glance; super resistant gravel shoe; the Bontrager GR2 is for you.

Less than 150 €; offer a wide enough fit associated with a flexible enough synthetic leather upper that even cyclists with a slightly wide foot can ajournaltimemodate their feet without restriction.

Although the sole is not ultra rigid; it is more than enough for gravel use in region discovery mode or bikepacking; in short; for practices that do not require a search for power transmission at all costs and wherejournaltimefort prevails in its specifications.

Plus; you get Bontrager’s unconditional guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase; return the item to the store (along with the original receipt) within 30 days to exchange or request a refund. Think of this option as a 30-day trial period.

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