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BigBike Magazine n ° 139 November December 2021

Ride free

Having posted thematic issues on enduro and then DH; we tackled the third pillar of Big Bike; freeride. It is undoubtedly the discipline that presided over the creation of the magazine; which has wanted to take a new look at other media: see the bicycle as a sliding sport; like skiing; and not necessarily as a purely mechanical sport.

The freeride that emerged in the early 2000s perfectly crystallized this vision; especially with the arrival of Rampage in 2001; and then with the advent of tricks in the wild. Big Bike had found its line; which has been narrowing over the years but has always maintained a voice on its pages. The emergence of new disciplines and the marketing policies of the brands ended up burying the little gem that had given life to the industry and injected a vital dynamism into the sport. The horizon that was limited to downhill and XC had largely opened; emptying a new generation of cyclists whose creativity and originality have disrupted the codes and helped make mountain biking what it is today. . Interestingly; even buried; the gem continued to glow. Its protein side has allowed it to survive over the years; regardless of industry andjournaltimepetitions. To finally return to the taste of the day among the pilots; through the great mountain of the precursors and the formidable impulse given to the big air by the Fest Series and its emulators. So yes; freeride is still on the sidelines today; but isn’t that its true nature? Free from all the shackles that rulejournaltimepetitions and the mountain biking world; only flourishing among cyclists and in innovative formats? Surely this is the case; as the ultra-dynamic French scene has shown us for a long time; as well as the number of jams where potholes grow like mushrooms. We are happy to make this observation today; and to continue to preach the good word on our pages. Until this momentum is picked up again by the industry indefinitely; then set aside for another romance. The development of disciplines is a cycle; and its strength is recognized when the wheel finishes turning. And in this diagram; the feride showed all the value of his soul.

Arnaud larrandaburu


For the last regular magazine of the year; Andy Lloyd sticks to the exercise of the Photo Booth; an event that undoubtedly dominates thanks to its creativity and originality.


Olivier Cuvet’s Alchemy Invitational is made up of five talented young freeriders; some professionals; all gathered in the lab moguls.


The dossier for this special freeride issue begins with an inventory of the discipline; its evolution and its dynamism; especially in France where the scene is very active. We continue with two Jams; that of the South West Represent and that of the EVO bike park: we will tell you; here things are happening in the freeride big air style.




Eliott Lapotre gives you the keys to shaping your personal tracks; because there is nothing better than creating your own playing field; according to your wishes and the way you ride; and then riding there with your friends!


Wanting to make big jumps or heavy lines is not easy. So we are looking for specialists in mental preparation to understand how to unlock certain blocks so that we can progress better.



The famous Rampage celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 15th; the opportunity for us to prepare 10 pages dedicated to the photo report of this already mythical event.



We rode at the Mottolino Bike Park in Livigno this summer; and we cannot rjournaltimemend that you take a good trip there. Guaranteed welding workshop!

070 TRIP


Come and discover with the locals the best corners of the Basque Country; from the mountains to the sea; passing through small unique and unmissable natural escapes to taste. a true
must !


The YT Jeffsy Core 4 is labeled All Mountain; but as always with YT Industries; it’s a bike that likes to attack downhill. A muscular AM; who does not disappoint in the use of enduro.

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