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The Club | Coach contracts, empty net … and doping in Montreal

The Club took a break during the holidays, but here we are back in our places. Some answers to start the year without problems. We will remind you of the address for your questions:


Why do GMs and coaches have fixed-term contracts? Why not open contracts like in other fields? We would avoid being in “the last year of Marc Bergevin’s contract”, with all the associated problems. We would also avoid paying Claude Julien after his dismissal.

Jorge McIsaac

Response from Guillaume Lefrançois:

Agreements with CEOs or coaches are processes of which little is known in detail. So let’s move on to François Giguère, former general manager of Colorado Avalanche, who now represents coaches and leaders in the NHL. “There is a lot of insecurity in these positions. You can be fired quickly, recalls Giguère over the phone. There are a limited number of people who have the talent to do it and there are 32 teams. If you start refusing to give long-term contracts, you won’t have quality candidates. ”

Giguère notices, however, a new trend: the leaders who, like precisely Marc Bergevin, enter a final year of contract without extension for the future. “Before it was an unwritten law, the person was seen as a leaf duck. Giguère knows what he’s talking about. In Colorado, he let his head coach, Joel Quenneville, miss his last year of his contract in 2007-2008. By the summer, Quenneville had taken advantage of his autonomy to accept the position of trainer the Blackhawks, with whom he won the Stanley Cup three times. “My biggest mistake was letting him end his contract. For him, the risk of letting his contract expire was minimal, because he would find himself working elsewhere. ”


How come we hardly have Quebec goalies in the NHL? Could it be because of the arrival of the Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Latvian and American goalkeepers? And does the size of the goalkeepers still matter?

jacques letourneau

Response from Simon-Olivier Lorange:

The question is complex and the explanations numerous. You raise two: improve goalkeeper development systems outside of Quebec as well as the staffing issue. Quebec hockey discriminates little (or not) against young goalies, something that drives NHL teams crazy today. There are other factors as well, such as draft rules, which only give teams two years to award a contract to a Canadian player. And finally there is a harsh reality, that of a loss of experience from Quebec that has been observed over the last decade. This is even quite ironic, as Quebec goalkeeping coaches have played a decisive role in the development of other national programs. All of these questions, roughly summarized here, have been addressed by Press in an archive of rare rigor at the beginning of the year 2021. I invite you to read it or reread it.


What was the place of doping at the Montreal Olympics? Were there countries ahead? Canadian doctors who encouraged this practice?

Guillaume Dallaire-Tremblay

Response from Alexandre Pratt:

There were 11 confirmed cases of doping at the Montreal Games. Almost all weightlifters, who had abused anabolic steroids. A Monegasque gunman was caught on amphetamines, and a veiled registered Canadian, Lorne Liebel, used a nasal decongestant. On the other hand, there were spectacular traps in the modern pentathlon, which had nothing to do with doping. The Soviet Boris Onishchenko had installed a small device under the hilt of his sword. The equivalent of a switch. When activated, it automatically scored a point. They caught him after scoring a point without even touching his opponent.


the [27 novembre dernier], Josh Anderson scored two goals on empty goal. Has there ever been a player who scored an NHL hat-trick on an empty net?

serge trudeau

Response from Katherine Harvey-Pinard:

No, it never happened. josh anderson is 19me player in history to have scored two in a single game. Others who have done so include Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Marcel Dionne. One player, however, came very close to achieving a hat-trick: on October 26, 1984, Danny Gare scored two goals and one assist, all on target, in the Detroit Red Wings’ 7-way victory over the Sabers. -3. Buffalo.

By the way, since you’re at it: the record for goals scored on empty doors in a single game was set on April 5, 1970. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Montreal Canadiens by a score of 10-2. They scored, wait … five goals from empty goal! The Habs, then tied for the standings with the New York Rangers, had to score at least five goals in the game to advance to the playoffs, which is why they continued to withdraw their goalkeeper despite the widening gap.

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