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Ten sports present in the Olympic Games but little known by the general public

It is well known that Olympism is the international mass that celebrates all the sports in the world regardless of its texture, its history, its evolution or its ambassadors. In this registry, obviously there are some who are much less known and mediated than others and, nevertheless, they exist, they move in their own way and have a lot of firm people …

1) The Water-Polo

Water polo is an intense sport that combines team ball game and swimming. It has been present at the Olympics since 1900 for men and 2000 for women. The main figures in this discipline are, among others, Croats and Americans of all sexes. The French team in this case among the men is increasingly illustrated in recent years with the remarkable fact of a notorious comeback at the Rio Olympics after an atmosphere and an old shortage of 1992.

2) The springboard

The trampoline is much more than a garden game. It is an Olympic sport where athletes can reach eight meters in their jumps. He appeared at the Olympics for the first time in 2000. The undisputed and dominant champion of the discipline is the Chinese Dong Dong.

3) Shooting

Olympic shooting is a very little known sport. There are several disciplines: pistol shooting, rifle shooting, skeet (ball trap). Shooting appeared with the first modern Olympic Games in 1869. American champion Kim Rhode, an iconic figure in shooting, also practices at the plate. In her bag and in this event that she participated in the spread of the world, Rhode notably won gold in London in 2012 with an incredible score of 99/100, a record!

4) Taekwondo

It is one of the most athletic and impressive combat sports in the world, combining both the brain and the physical. Even when compared to other disciplines on this list, it enjoys some popularity around the world, it is still a long way from having the expected fame as its associates. Taekwondo is practiced with both fists and feet. Has been present at the Olympics since 2000

5) BMX

BMX is practiced on a circuit full of traps and obstacles that cyclists must overcome as quickly as possible in order to cross the finish line as a leader. The event appeared for the first time, during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. To date, one of the leaders of the discipline is the Latvian champion Maris Strombergs, who won the first two gold medals in the history of the event at the Games. Olympic .

6) The modern Pentathlon

The pentathlon is divided into five events: fencing, pistol shooting, running, horseback riding, and swimming. The modern Pentathlon has been present at the Olympic Games since 1912. During the last ten years, the French Elodie Clouvel and Valentin Belaud have participated on numerous occasions in the most prestigious places of international jousts.

7) The immersion

Diving is one of the most spectacular events of the Olympic Games, divers fly from 3 or 10 meters alone or in pairs. Diving appeared at the 1904 Olympic Games. The unrivaled champion of this sport remains to this day Chinese Wu Minxia, ​​a five-time Olympic gold medalist.

8) Rowing

Rowing events are held with teams of 2, 4 or 8 rowers, or alone. The length of the race route is 2 kms. Rowing made its way to the Olympic Games in 1900. East Germans are the most medal winners in this discipline in history, although over the years the British for men and Romanians for women, among others, have had so much time. hierarchy.

9) field hockey

Field hockey is a very physical sport played by both men and women. With the help of a stick, hockey players must hit a ball into the goals (similar to handball). This sport has been present at the Olympic Games since 1908 for men and 1980 for women, with the Germans and the Dutch as the main ambassadors.

10) Badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world. And yet… It is also the fastest of all because the shuttlecocks coming out of professional players’ rackets can reach over 400 km / h. Badminton reached the Olympic Games in 1992. Chinese Lin Dan is the great champion of the discipline. He won Olympic gold in men’s singles in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, not to mention his five world titles. A legend.

The synopsis is certainly not exhaustive of these sports present in the Olympic Games but not as publicized as others but that deserve to be better known and recognized.

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