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Buick LaCrosse: it’s just goodbye

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Buick lifted the veil that covers the shapes of its future LaCrosse. This means that the model in question here is about to be retired.

The successor model will take care of several of the aesthetic codes that appeared in the Avenir study and that, in 2018, will be integrated into the entire Buick range. We haven’t gotten there yet, and the current generation of LaCrosse will be playing for a few more months before retiring.

For those looking for bargains, Buick will undoubtedly offer a barrage of discounts in the coming weeks.

In addition to a more favorable price, the prospective buyer will also find another reason for satisfaction with this vehicle: its reliability. Appeared on the market in 2010, this second generation has reached a stage of development that is difficult to overcome.

In fact, in the last six years, the most opulent Buick sedan has barely changed. The cabin remains one of the most spacious in the category. The interior presentation is not very original, but nonetheless oozes quality.

Under the hood, the LaCrosse offers two mechanics, including a four-cylinder. However, to benefit from all-wheel drive, it is essential to opt for the V6. With a displacement of 3.6L, this engine is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission that sometimes hesitates before engaging its gears.

Honest performance

Considering the nature and weight of this car, the performances are honest, nothing more. On the other hand, the driving comfort and the quality of the soundproofing are astonishing. Far from behaving like a rudderless boat, the LaCrosse performs quite well when armed with four-wheel drive, even if it only kicks in if the front wheels lose traction. The latter allows to reverse the understeer (tendency to pull in a straight line in curves) that affects the towed versions, in addition to offering a safer behavior.

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