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JUDO CLUB CREUSOT: A weekend of high level for national executives

This weekend, Johnny Potet, professor at the Creusotin Judo Club, traveled to Valence to participate in the National Platform of the French Judo Federation.
This event was attended by a line-up of high level and exceptional quality, which included Le Creusot native and World Champion, Olympic medalist Frédéric Demontfaucon 7th Dan, Guy Delvingt 5th at the Atlanta Olympic Games 8th Dan, Pierre White 7th and Marc Perard 6th Dan…
Training days like these are privileged moments in which the teacher can recover the best pedagogies and techniques to teach them to their students who return to Le Creusot.

Content, exchange and a lot of practice during these two days with a varied technical richness of each speaker in a course that brought together 140 people from all over France.
Officials invite young people to join the ranks and come to the dojo located at 8 rue Bayard 71200 le Creusot.
Information on 07 88 58 45 87 or on the site.

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