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Olympic dream: Mélodie Daoust and the taste for gold | have you seen?

This is where my dream was born, she says. I remember telling my mother that one day it would be my turn to receive a gold medal and sing the national anthem on the blue line of an Olympic ice rink.

The 29-year-old striker fulfilled that dream at the 2014 Sochi Games and then had the nightmare of hearing the USA’s in Pyeongchang. In a few weeks, in Beijing, he hopes to avenge the failure suffered in the penalty shootout of the 2018 final.

I think the word revenge is too weak, says the 2021 World Championship MVP. The feeling of losing the gold medal hurts a lot. You work for four years of your life just for this. We want to show everyone that the gold medal, its place, is in Canada.

The path to becoming a double and soon a triple Olympian was not a long, smooth river.

From his first outings to the ice rink frozen by his father on the family dairy farm in Saint-Timothée, today a district of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, to the Beijing Games, Daoust experienced his share of hardships. .

As a teenager, the Quebec team cut her five times. After the Sochi Games and a serious knee injury, she was eliminated from Hockey Canada’s national program in 2015 and 2016, eventually being invited to the centralization of the Pyeongchang Games, where she was awarded the title of best player of the tournament.

The list of injuries he sustained could keep medical students busy for a few lessons. The knee, on more than one occasion, the shoulder and the wrists in turn forced her to be absent and caused her some headaches.

You will find me crazy, but my injuries, I would not change them for the world, confesses the hockey player, also an analyst for TVA Sports and assistant coach of the Montreal University Carabins team. Each of my injuries has allowed me to learn to persevere even more and become a better version of myself. My hockey journey has not always been easy.

Olympic dream: Mélodie Daoust and the taste for gold |  have you seen?

Forward Mélodie Daoust and goalkeeper Madeline Rooney

Photo: Getty Images/Frank Franklin II

The Sacrifice of Mélodie Daoust

It has not always been rosy for Mélodie Daoust, but also for all the elite players, without a professional league since the spring of 2019. There has been a lot of talk since then, apart from a pandemic, but as a result of the races, they played very few official matches during the Olympic cycle.

Training is good, but playing is better.

The Canadian team has gone into overdrive in recent months. After a first world title since 2012, won in calgary in August, the Canadians have since regrouped in Alberta and will remain so until their departure for China.

For Mélodie Daoust, it also means making an even greater sacrifice: being separated for a long period from her 3-year-old son Mathéo, who remained in Quebec. Due to the bubble imposed before and during the World Cup this summer, he was unable to see it for 40 days.

The son and mother have only crossed paths a few times in recent months.

« It is extremely difficult, I will not lie to you. I have the opportunity to work with the best psychologists who help me every day to find solutions to help me. Each player has her little story, it’s part of mine. And I try to handle it the best I can. My friends and teammates are also very supportive. »

a quote from Mélodie Daoust, Canadian team hockey player

However, the Daoust were able to experience great emotions in the last World Championship. As Mélodie shone on the ice, Mathéo and his grandparents applauded Mom from the stands.

The moments of communion between mother and son have not escaped the television cameras.

Go maman Go. Je veux lui montrer que c’est important d’aller au bout de ses rêves, et j’espère qu’il va s’inspirer de ça.”,”text”:”Le savoir dans les estrades pour les deux derniers matchs du tournoi, ça m’a vraiment donné des ailes, raconte Daoust. C’était un moment mémorable de voir sa petite face avec sa pancarte Go maman Go. Je veux lui montrer que c’est important d’aller au bout de ses rêves, et j’espère qu’il va s’inspirer de ça.”}}”>Knowing it in the stands during the last two games of the tournament really gave me wings, says Daoust. It was a memorable moment to see his face with his poster come on mom come on. I want to show you that it’s important to go after your dreams, and I hope you’ll be inspired by that.

Seeing the stars in his eyes when I presented him with my gold medal and when I showed him the trophy are moments that will be etched in my memory forever. I love our relationship and look forward to continuing to build this relationship with him., She continues.

Close-up of a woman's profile in a yellow coat

Mélodie Daoust behind the bench of the Montreal University Carabinieri

Photo: University of Montreal Carbines / James Hajjar

for the love of hockey

Being a mother, a player, a coach, a television analyst and an active member of the Association of Professional Hockey Players requires a lot of energy and dedication on the part of Mélodie Daoust. She does all this for herself, for her teammates and also for the next generations who, she hopes, will be able to play in good conditions and in a consolidated league.

He does it because the passion for hockey still burns and still burns. But before continuing his fight to establish a professional league and reuniting with his family in Quebec at the end of winter, the athlete has an important mission to accomplish in Beijing.

Because it’s not just money in the lives of hockey players.

First, there is the Olympic gold.

what is the series olympic dream?

A few weeks before the opening of the Beijing Winter Games, the series olympic dream brings you back to meet eight exceptional Canadian athletes who made you live great emotions four years ago in Pyeongchang.

His journey was marked by major seizures and, at times, by serious health problems. Witness their great victories, some at the finish line, but many more against adversity. Because the story of an Olympic medal is told through all the obstacles and battles won, discover your Olympic dreams.

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