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5,000 visitors in 10 days: mission accomplished for the people of Lake Etchemin

WINTER. The second edition of the event La Féérie du Lac – residents welcome you, which took place on Lake Etchemin from December 23 to January 3, was so popular that it is destined to become an annual event.

This was pointed out by Marie-Hélène Lepage, member of the organizing committee, who mentioned that nearly 5,000 people (residents and visitors) were in the lake during these ten days to take advantage of the infrastructures that have been designed for the occasion and activities offered to the public.

“52% of the participants took more than 40 minutes by road to come to explore Lake Etchemin and 100% confirmed their return for the 2022 edition”, indicates Lepage, who recalls that La Féérie is a collective project carried out by the neighbors who decorated its façade on the lake, encouraged, developed and maintained a route of more than 15 km of skating.

“La Féérie is the result of the enthusiasm, involvement and individual contribution of more than a hundred Lac-Etchemin residents who put their talent and generosity to the benefit of their community. Although the latter have invested time and money for the benefit of the spectators, 97% of them believe that the efforts related to the installation of the fairyland were worth it ”, he continues.

5,000 visitors in 10 days: mission accomplished for the people of Lake Etchemin
The event organizers were very happy with its success. In the order, we recognize Bruno Lamontagne, Marie-Hélène Lepage and Christine Lecours. (Photo courtesy: Sophie Cloutier)

An essential is born

In addition to the 15 km skating rink, two events were created, a gourmet 4-7 torch-lit, presented on December 26, as well as the collective fireworks on December 31.

With a view to the next editions of the fairy, whose access will be free for everyone, we remind you that the initiators of the event, Marie-Hélène Lepage, Bruno Lamontagne and Christine Lecours, created at the end of December an ONL, known under the name of the event ( La Féérie du Lac – Riverains Receive You), whose mission will be to create outdoor activities with Lake Etchemin and the region.

A popular fundraising campaign (GoFundMe) with the goal of raising $ 5,000 is underway and organization officials say they have received support from the Lac-Etchemin municipality. The sums raised will cover the organization’s start-up costs and ensure its sustainability in the future, organizers say.

The fireworks display on December 31st was very popular with the public.

Towards an after fairyland?

The mayor of Lac-Etchemin, Camil Turmel, was delighted with this initiative and especially with the success of the event.

Similarly, he confirmed that talks are currently taking place between the municipality, its recreation department and the management of the Eco-Parc des Etchemins to find ways that allow the establishment of some winter infrastructures, including a certainly smaller icy track, in the Ecopark property from January to March, which would take over from the magic once finished.

“We are studying some scenarios. A committee of travail to été formed et le subject will address the “seance d’un seance de travail du municipal council, on 10 January”, to indicate M. Turmel who will be able to confirm whether the aménagements are made in ce sens pourraient être réalisés dès this winter.

However, he recalled that when the Lac-Etchemin arena closed in early 2021, an ice ring was quickly installed in front of it and that it had been very popular with users.

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